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Once Upon a Time Our Tree Fell.

You know how when a storm hits and you watch the news and you see all those unfortunate pictures and think, man, that sucks… Glad I don’t have to deal with that! Well, apparently it is our turn.

Now that I’m halfway through my hot chocolate spiked with cinnamon schnapps I feel like I can tell this story.


Once upon a time, aka this morning, it was a typical Saturday morning. My alarm went off at 7 am, because I was going to be ambitious and get my long run over with early. HA! I hardly remember turning off the alarm.

I wake up again and it is almost 9 am. Much better. Husband was in a particularly chipper mood when he asked, “Do you want to go foraging for mushrooms?!” Since I have never liked mushrooms, and I had to get this run in, I declined.

So he left to go meet up with his foraging friends, and I lazily got ready to run in the rain. Honestly, it didn’t even seem like it was that crazy of a storm, despite it being talked up on the news.

Barley and I are running the Columbia Gorge half marathon (13.1 miles) next weekend, so I wanted to see how he could do at 10 miles. He has gone on 6/7ish miles, with energy to spare, but I just wanted to be absolutely sure he’d be okay.


Of course Barley loves running in the rain, because of all of the extra sticks and pine cones,  splashing in puddles, and he doesn’t over heat. Around mile 5 the wind was pretty crazy. He had plenty of energy to keep going, but I was 100% drenched and the wind was getting pretty dicey. Poetically enough, the Flashdance version of “Maniac” by Michael Sambello came up next on my playlist.

It was not nearly as sexy, but pretty much accurate in terms of shear volume of water:

I was all:

So I made the executive decision to turn right instead of left and push the pace home, completing our 6.2 mile run in the rain. I have pretty much decided that my jogging pace is Barley’s strolling pace, and have no doubts he will be 100% fine next weekend.

It was actually such a fun and adventurous hour, and I was feeling jazzed. Then I looked at the side of the house and had to do a double take. Because this is what I saw:
I was honestly shocked. It might not look that crazy, but this is a ginormous tree.

First order of business was checking to see if all chickens were okay. They were. I was honestly speechless at the sight of the backyard.14696816_10154661891759507_148578957_n

I knew that the logical person to contact was our insurance company. But I couldn’t find the number anywhere because husband pays that bill, and I felt increasingly stupid for not knowing what to do (note to self: KNOW WHERE TO LOCATE THESE THINGS).

I began to panic looking at what was left of the tree. It was still (and is still) super windy. Not to mention the adrenaline of the run, too. By this point I was in a state of frenzy. I kept thinking What’s stopping the rest of the tree from toppling down on our roof?!?!? 

I tried to get ahold of husband about 10 times (not exaggerating), but wherever he was Chantrelle mushroom foraging was not surprisingly out of cell phone range. So I did what any 26 year old woman, drenched head to toe, with a fallen tree creating a precarious situation would do. I called my mom.

She was going to do some research while I changed into dry clothes and tried to remain calm. I brushed out my sopping wet hair, put on the comfiest clothes I could find, and she called back.

“You should call an arborist!”
“WTF is an arborist?!!?” I exclaimed, hanging up angrily (sorry mom, ily thanks for trying).

I texted the pictures to my mother in law, and she called to offer helpful words and kept texting me as I hid in the bed and Googled What to do if a tree falls on your house (terrifiying images) and Yelped tree services, waiting impatiently for husband to respond to my text which read CALL ME IMMEDIATELY.


Flash forward to now. The tree guy came to assess the damage and give us a quote (expensive) and the insurance guy will be here Monday or Tuesday to assess the damage. Not much to do now but wait. The tree guy told us we should take the whole tree down, but aren’t in immediate danger.

I’m grateful, annoyed, less worried, tired, and need to shower still. Ugh.


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