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{Book Review} Mercury by Margot Livesy

Mercury cover.pngDisclaimer:  I received this book in exchange for an honest review from HarperCollins and TLC Book Tours. All opinions expressed are my own, and I’ll keep it spoiler free! I’m not going to provide the Book Overview in this post, but you can read that on the HarperCollins link above.

Last weekend I took this novel with me on my quick trip to the coast (I already raved about the sick cover in that weekend recap), but when I got to the beach I wasn’t in the reading mood.

On Friday night, cozy in bed, listening to the storm, it was the perfect time to get lost in Mercury. I couldn’t put it down, reading til almost 1 am. I finished it the following Sunday, and would have on Saturday if it weren’t for the whole tree debacle (sigh). Oh my gosh, this book was such a good (and very needed) distraction from reality.

I haven’t read a fiction book in awhile; I’ve gotten too reliant on audible and listening to fiction instead. Not only that, my guilty pleasure listens are psychological thrillers and mysteries. No shame in that, but rich, realistic character development is much harder to comeby. I really enjoyed Livesey’s portrayal of characters in Mercury.

This book definitely had elements of mystery, thrill, and dark characters, but in a realistic, not outlandish way. There is no cheap shock-value points. The story is a carefully crafted slow building drama, and yes, there is quite the drama.

A few subplots didn’t really hold my attention, and atleast one subplot seemed to drop before the true end was written.

It was apparent that the author did her homework in order to create these rich characters, which was solidified when reading her acknowledgements. I really enjoyed the little literary treats interspersed throughout.  I found that I truly enjoyed getting lost in this story. I definitely would recommend Mercury. I couldn’t put it down! The dogs were less than thrilled at my nose in the book :).


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