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Weekend Recap #14: Halloweekend

Hi! It’s Sunday night and I’m blogging one handed on my phone on the couch, like a boss. Trixie needs cuddles rn, so I am obliging.

This weekend was pretty decent. I’ve decided that one of the first purchases I’m going to make when I get paid is a good multivitamin and vitamin D supplement. Did you know that like all Oregonians are deficient in Vit D? Not cool, sun.

Without further ado, the weekend recap.


I have been working at my job just over 6 months, and I finished my 4th jar of pb at like 4pm on Friday.

I went out after work with some friends for a few beers downtown. It was long overdue and I had a lot of fun!


Perhaps one of the last sunny, non-rainy days of the season. I am in denial about it being basically November.

Took Barley to the dog park after some couch cuddles. It’s so funny; I swear he knew it was Saturday and I could be convinced of dog park tennis play. He was right.

Got home, made lunch and made these pumpkin rice krispy treats (inspired by a few examples on Pinterest). So easy to make, once I figured out the ice cream scoop to coffee tbsp measuring tool technique.

Husby and I were invited to a “Haunting the Decades” party. We were going for 70s (?). Aka denim top, yin yang earrings I randomly had, and middle part with braids.  I took the haunting portion of the theme to heart and attempted scary makeup. 

Lol. Husby killed it with the hair and hoop.

Unfortunately in the group pics it just looks like I have raccoon eyes LOL. Definitely creepy. The party was so fun!! Photo credit to the self timer on my friend’s phone :).


I slept in and woke up to find husby in his element, brewing beer on our back porch. Second batch this week! Killing it (P.S. if you haven’t read my post on 7 Struggles Only a Home Brewer’s Wife Can Relate To, it’s a personal fave).

He was in his element, so I figured I should go be in mine, and went for a run around the neighborhood, ending in the park. I love love love this park. My back lawn and front lawn is pretty much destroyed from the tree storm debacle. And I know with grass seed and time it will all be fine, but for now I prefer the park.


Sunday brunch:

In the afternoon we went to The Mushroom Festival at Mt. Pisgah (most Oregonian thing ever)

Keep Oregon Awesome. It’s too bad I don’t like mushrooms, lol!


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