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$97 Grocery Haul

Hey there!

Curious about how I do a large Grocery Haul? Look no further! You may want to check out my other Grocery Hauls which include tips for saving money and storing and prepping, and also my “Rad Tips” page (Scroll to the FOOD section), which also has a lot of good info IMO :).

Yesterday was payday. So after the 8 to 5 job (and paying some bills on break) it was time for a major grocery haul. I decided I wanted to aim for a $100 budget. Proud to say the bill rang in $3 under! Pretty good for no calculator or grocery list. When you get the hang of your grocery haul, you kinda just know. It’s pretty convenient.

I parked the car, put in my headphones, continuing to listen to my current commuting audiobook, took a deep breath, and went into “the zone” AKA autopilot grocery shopping Becca. That chick means business.

The best deal of the day? $1.99 for Naked Green Juice! It was so tempting to get the Odwalla Mango Tango as well, but there is no way my household of two would get through both before the expiration date. Sigh.

Not proud of the fish sticks and chicken fingers, but it is affordable bulk meat that won’t go bad for hubby and that I don’t have to prepare. The one non vegan item I purchased for myself is hot chocolate mix. Lately it’s been my luxury dessert. Because chocolate. And it’s cold now.


Dug into carrots and hummus.

Barley like carrots like horses and I like them :).

That’s pretty much it! Long day, but sometimes it is these long days full of “adult” tasks that make me feel proud. And I love buying healthy food while also being budget conscious. It makes me feel happy and responsible. There is so much in this life we cannot control, but some things we can.

Time to pack Husby’s cooler. He travels all over Oregon for work and will be in Coos Bay tomorrow and Thursday. Sad face — I wish I could go with him! I’ll have to hold down the fort here.

Do you have any tips for making Grocery Hauls enjoyable, like listening to audiobooks/podcasts/music? Anyone else packing coolers for their traveling spouses? Comment below!

🙂 ❤

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