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(Weekend Recap 15) – McKenzie River Craft Beer and Cider Fest, relaxing Saturday, and house work Sunday.

Hi! Wahhhhh tomorrow is Monday and as always, I don’t wanna! I have the Rock and Roll Las Vegas marathon to look forward to all week though :). It’s crazy that it is finally here…

Before I get into the recap- my right shin has been giving me some grief since about tuesday and it didn’t feel like a shin splint. I was freaking myself out rehearsing tragedy that it was a stress fracture (luckily I really don’t think it is, thank God, srsly…). I thought it would be brilliant to wear compression socks under my boots to work on Wednesday, thinking that it might help. But obviously I had to scrunch them up kinda so they wouldn’t show. I think a crease caused by the bunching gave too much compression, effectively cutting off my circulation for 8 hours. Awesome. My shin was SO much worse on Thursday. I wanted to cry, cry, cry. The week before the race. I was beside myself.

I decided the rehab plan would be absolutely no running (dog walks ok) icing often, and hot tubbing. No foam rolling either, as it is tender and feels more like a bruise than a tight muscle. Just lots of rest and hope for the best. It’s definitely feeling better which is great, but it has thrown off my mental game. I need to just believe in myself and trust that I can go the distance, not to quote Mulan…

Anyways, onto the weekend recap!

Friday: Husband was working a beer fest, meaning we got free entry and access to the brewers lounge (unlimited free beer ftw). It was super fun.

Saturday: We took Barley out to husby’s parents’ house.

And filled up mugs of steamy delicious coffee. Longbottom coffee Roasters from Hillsboro, Oregon. It was really quite delish, and I’m pretty picky when it comes to coffee.

I made my mother in law these beautiful bloody Mary’s. Perfection. Gahhh drooling. We enjoyed them on the front porch as it rained.

We had vegan mac and cheese for linner, and I made my healthy go-to 3 ingredient banana oatmeal cinnamon cookies!

I kanoodled my husby as we watched the Duck game, and plotted. I am almost 100% positive I want to try the Hansons marathon method (HMM) for my next full marathon. I just need to decide the perfect race. But I need to run my race next weekend before I make any decisions I think.

I came back home and meal prepped/ cleaned until like 11 pm. I was so ready to sleep after that!

Sunday: Slept in. Missed the NYC marathon broadcasting completely, but wasn’t that upset because… sleep :). I was delivered coffee in bed, one of my very favorite things.

I spent pretty much all day working on the garage. Filled the Jeep all the way up with items to donate, which felt great. I’m working on making a home gym in the garage that I will actually use, but I’ll save those pics for a separate post because it is no where near ready!

Ok, Time to sleeeeep :). Hope y’all have a wonderful week!

🙂 ❤

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