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Race/ Weekend Recap: Rock N Roll Las Vegas Marathon

Hey! It’s Monday evening and my LAS>SFO flight just took off. Current view:

Well, third “marathon” is in the books. I got diverted a few times, so I think I only raced like 22 miles. Lame. Don’t know if I technically earned my medal they put around my neck, but shit, I pushed myself really freaking hard. I’m proud of myself, and I wasn’t going to say  “no, no… you keep it”. Have to be honest, I don’t think the Rock N’ Roll series, or at least RNR Las Vegas, is for me.

For one thing, as an introverted Oregonian, the race crowd was totally anxiety inducing. So. Many. People.

The course itself: Meh.

The best aspect of the race, by far, was racing with Team in Training. It was my first TNT race, and I have to say I was totally impressed. I had my doubts about how a part of the “team” I would feel, as a Flex, distance trainee. 

But, wow. The course support provided by the coaches was incredible. I have to shout out to Steven, an OSWIM (Oregon, South Washington, Idaho, Montana) TNT chapter mentor. He raced from like mile 2 to the finish with me, and was so supportive. It was very different, as I usually do training runs and races all by my lonesome self. Very happy I made a friend out on the course. 

But yeah, I’m thinking Oregon races, or atleast PNW/driving distance races are way more suited for me. 

My 3 major complaints about RNRLV 2016:

1. They started course diversions too early. We were on pace for a sub-5 when the first diversion happened at mile 17. I didn’t really care so much, as I was working through some real emotional baggage and consumed by that more than pace. But lots of folks around me were super upset. And rightfully so.

2. No gels at the race expo. W. T. F. lol. I went to the natural food store on my lunch break on Friday to look for Honey Stingers, my favorite running fuel organic gel. But they were out. It was a busy week, and I figured there would be gels to pick up at the expo, as every expo I have ever been to has had them. I knew they would probably not have Honey Stingers, but expected Cliff or Gu gels. But I didn’t see any gels at all. Lame. My pitted dates I brought to snack on throughout the weekend became my race fuel, stored in my hand held water bottle. I knew it was not ideal, but I really didn’t want to go on a Vegas gel hunt. 

3. The course was weird. Crazy switchbacks in downtown LV. 

I also didn’t love walking 2 miles to the start, but I suppose that isn’t super avoidable. Bah, Vegas. You crazy.

Okay. Thanks for letting me Kvetch, and thanks for letting me intersperse awesome yiddish words like kvetch. 

Update: I am now at SFO waiting for my EUG connection in the yoga room which I am reclining in. (remember this weekend recap post when I first discovered this room? So awesome, lol. 

Here were the good parts of the weekend: πŸ™‚

Friday: Antsy as all hell at work. After the election and all the ensuing drama, emotionally exhausted was I. This tree provided some happiness on break (gotta get your kicks any way you can these days):

went home, and packed. Decided it was time to bust into the gel pen gift to bring along :). I should have narrowed down, but I hate playing favorites. Especially with colors.

Saturday: Me and my pens got our booties on a 6 am flight, after approximately 2 hours of sleep (oy, I wish I was being sarcastic). what does your in-flight entertainment look like? Mine looks like this:

Finally at 12:30 I had arrived. Took an airport shuttle to the race expo at the convention center (taxi or uber from now on, yall). Got my bib and stuff, and hopped on the monorail to Bally’s. Checked in around 3:30. Laid out my race outfit like a true running nerd :).


The view was pretty sweet! Sent snapchats of “omg is this real life” nature:

Waited for my sis to arrive. Played solitaire with a deck of cards I bought at the gift shop. I know, I’m so cool. lol.

Finally sis got in and my dad a few hours later. Shared a room with sister. We went out to dinner at Mesa in Ceasar’s Palace and I got brussel sprouts and pesto mashed potatoes. Yummy!

I was asleep by 8 pm and got no joke 12 hours of sleep. It rocked.


Woke up from my magical slumber. Sister confided in me some struggles she’s going through (ps she gave me permish to disclose this without me prompting, as only a true reader of my blog would lol). This made me stressed and sad and I considered bailing on the Team in Training Inspiration Brunch to stay with her. Also, social anxiety about the brunch, I literally knew no one. But I dried my tears, told myself to shape up, and made it to the brunch. Glad I did. Good food, good people, inspiring stuff.

After brunch it was time to get ready for the race. Enjoyed the gorgeous weather and cherished the time with my sister and dad.

Eventually the race started. I find it very hard to recap a marathon. There is so much that occurs in your mind, yet also it is simply running. Maybe it is still too soon. Maybe rather than over analyzing it I should just let it be what it was, retain a shred of mysterious ambiguity and intrigue, and move the heck on :).

The plan was to get frozen hot chocolate post race. I was far to neauseated… damn dates. I was also so. tired. By some miracle I made it to the hotel room, took a quick rinse shower, and passed the f*** out. I went to bed still feeling sick to my stomach, figuring I could sleep it off. Nope! woke up at 1 am and vomitted date/gatorade/bile. It was 100% disgusting, and I immediately felt better after it was over. Hindsight- I should have prob just puked back at mile 18 and felt better, but I didn’t want to get dehydrated. #runnerproblems

Today I spent the day with my sis. I’m a believer in having faith in a higher purpose and trying to be the best person I can be and walking on the right path and that things don’t occur randomly and things transpire for a reason. Looking back, this marathon was about raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and honoring my grandpa’s memory, for me, and for my dad and aunt and everyone in my family. But I think what it really comes down to is I needed my sister and my sister needed me. And for a brief blip in time, we got to hold space for eachother and support eachother and take care of eachother. The way you can only do in person and not over the phone.

I know you’re reading this so: I love you so much and you are amazing and everything will be okay in time and whenever it is not okay I am always, always here. But really, it is all going to be okay. Better than okay, really. πŸ™‚ 

Okay I’m starting to feel bad about bogarting the yoga room. Atleast 3 ppl have poked their head in and ran away from the seemingly transient woman misusing the space to charge her phone while typing vigorously at the screen. 

In the words of Tigger, ta ta for now!

πŸ™‚ ❀

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