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(Book Review) The Dude Diet by Serena Wolf

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review from the publisher and TLC Book Tours. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

Ladies, listen up!

Do you want your man to eat healthier, and be excited about it?

This awesome recipe book is going to be your dirty little secret and your new best friend in this endeavor!

The Dude Diet cover.png

Purchase Links: HarperCollins | Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Find out about the author, Serena at her website, and follow her on Instagram.

All you have to do is leave the book on your dining room table with a pad of sticky notes with a message that reads “put a sticky note on the recipes you want me to try!” Hook, line, sink. (Is that how that fishing phrase goes?).

Case in point:

True anecdotal story: I went out of town this weekend and I left the book out on the dining room table. My parents in law came over to visit husby, and see our new fence! Remember my post about the tree debacle? Happy to report the new fence is finally built! We moved it up to expand the backyard and hide the currently eye-sore of a stump, which I vow with the help of Pinterest will eventually be beautiful. I think it looks great! Now we just have to plane grass seed to repair the lawn and we’ll be good to go!!!
Sorry, side track. So they were visiting and my father in law saw The Dude Diet. Happy to say my mother in law is now in possession of the book to make photocopies of dozens of recipes he must try :). This is good, because she is better about branching out and trying new recipes than I am. I know they just took the Apple-Blueberry Skillet Crumble as a dessert to a dinner party! Husby really wants me to make the Shepherd’s Pie.

It is primarily a recipe book in my opinion, but it has lots of great information too about cravings, foods that cause insulin spikes, and just nutrition in general. Your dude might not care, but I’m guessing if you are reading this you probably do!

Two thumbs up for The Dude Diet!

🙂 ❤

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