Why I’m not joining Half Fanatics right now.

Hey! TGIF, right?!?!?! This post isn’t bashing the organization at all, it has just been on my mind a lot in terms of running, so I figured it would merit a post!

(I accidentally wore my cute Nike Frees to the muddy dog park… whoops! Lol.)

So, technically I could qualify for the Half  Fanatics club this coming Sunday, by running 3 half marathons within 90 days. The Florence Half (recapped here) and Columbia Gorge Dog Leg Half (recapped training my dog here) being the last two I participated in.

I have been weighing the pros and cons and going back and forth on whether or not to pursue this ever since I realized I could potentially qualify given my race calendar about 4 months ago.

I heard about the club through the Marathon Training Academy podcast (one of the podcasts I referenced in my Top 5 Favorite Podcasts post. I need to do a follow up post, I’ve discovered so many more awesome Podcasts since then!!!)

I think Half Fanatics and Marathon Maniacs are totally awesome, but I’m holding off right now for the following reasons:

1. I’d honestly rather run the 5k with my husband than run the half solo. 

2. From a purely financial perspective,  I’m not sure the race discounts would equal more savings than membership dues for where where I’m at right now.

I do really like running in races, and 13.1 is my favorite distance. But, I don’t want to be, for lack of better term, fanatical about it. I really admire runners who don’t feel the need to register for races. Right now I really feel like I need the accountability, and it is fun to race in the pack!

Even though I’m feeling slightly disappointed, especially as I feel 100% healthy and injury free even after RnRLV Marathon last Sunday, I’m pretty sure I’m making the right decision for me right now. That is not to say I couldn’t be convinced! It’s definitely not a hard no, just a not right now thing.

Anyone reading this a current or previous Half Fanatic or Marathon Maniac member?? I’d love to hear some insider perspectives. Don’t be shy,  comment below!

🙂 ❤

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