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Weekend Recap #17: $30 Garage Makeover

You guys! I finally “finished” my garage makeover. It honestly needs more work, but I feel like  it’s a place I want to spend time in and really does feel like a little home gym.

$15 on paint; $15 on 3 $5 wall mirrors. That is it!

I want it to be a space where I actually will use the treadmill when the weather is too gross to run in. Also, over the years I have accumulated a lot of exercise equipment, and although I’m all about the life changing magic of tidying up-minimalist philosophy, I have never felt the urge to get rid of my exercise stuff. I really do treasure these items, and they deserve to have a happy home where they are on prominent display 🙂 (remember my old post about home gym essentials?).

Step one: donating, dumping, recycling a lottttt of crap.

Step 2: Painting the walls an outrageous and fun color that I’d never want inside but in the garage, why the heck not?! I went with hot pink.

Step 3:  Prominently display your treasured work out stuff!

If you’re wondering about the rocking horse- it’s a family heirloom made for my older sister for her 1 year old birthday by a neighbor (how sweet is that?!). No, we are not expecting, so for now it is in the garage functioning as a treadmill side table- lol!

Husband’s homebrew wall will eventually be lime green (ps read this hilarious post about the struggles of living with a homebrewer) and I must acquire some bar stools to complete are garage playroom :). The ping pong table was my 2-year anniversary gift to husband. Srsly so much quality fun!!!

🙂 ❤

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