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Weekend Recap #18: Thanksgiving in Sacramento

Hi there :).

It’s weird to recap Thanksgiving weekend, because Wed-Fri felt more special weekendy than yesterday and today, but I will give it a go!


We left the house by 8 am, our original goal leavetime, before we were overly ambitious anf thought we may acvomplish a crack of dawn roll out.

Someone was more chipper than the other, take a guess. lol

Played copilot on the drive down to Sacramento.

First pit stop was at a gas station south of Roseburg. Picked up some free travel guide magazines

Saw some Elk! Magical beasts :).

Sorry it is so blurry…

Made up a game where husband guesses the California craft brewery based on the name if the beer. He guessed maybe 60% right. Pretty impressive!

We stopped at in n out in Medford for lunch (got the grilled cheese. I’m sorry don’t hate me but I really don’t understand the fuss, Californians).

Lol. Judging myself…

Took a shortcut slash detour through Chico because we had never beeb to Sierra Nevada, the grandfather of craft beer basically. One cherry chocolate stout and I was feeling happy! Normally I’d go for an IPA but it was a chilly Thanksgiving weekend and it sounded great for the weather. Husby sampled a few brews that were only available on site. It was so, so fun :).

Finally made it to Sac. Had dinner at husband’s grandparents’ and then checked into the hotel.

Thursday – AKA Thanksgiving

My favorite- coffee in bed :). Watched the Thanksging parade, as is tradition!

Once upon a time I briefly did high school drill team, and let’s just say I have mad respect for the Rockettes!

Headed over to the grandparents’ around 11. I was responsible for veggie tray and bloody Marys πŸ™‚

Brother in law made a fricken beautiful apple pie from scratch, picked the apples, crust and all! Seriously in awe of his baking skills. Always have been.

Mom in law pretty much took care of the entire meal (you rock!). Everything was delish and I was a stuffed turkey by the end.

Assume horizontal, post feast, floor football watching πŸ™‚

We had to get back to Eugene on Friday because husband had an event in Coos Bay on Saturday. No fun pics to share from Friday, pretty much just drove. Our baby missed us πŸ™‚


With husband in Coos Bay, I thought I would Marathon the Gilmore Girls special, which I did, obvy, despite the mountain of laundry and other chores lol. Barley looked extra pathetic and it was actually sunny (though still pretty frigid by my pansy standards), so I paused episode 1 Β of 4, bundled up, and took him on a nice long 4-5 mile walk. πŸ™‚ I needed it as much as he did.

❀ ❀ ❀

Not much more to report post walk. Lots of Gilmore Girls lol.




Went into work for a few hours. It is busy season and I knew I could get more done without people around lol. I was right πŸ™‚ very productive thankfully.

Went grocery shopping and mealprepped breakfast, lunch, and din for the upcoming work week :). $37.55 well spent!

Alright, that’s all I got!!<3 Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and are feeling thankful for all the blessings in your life. I know I am.

πŸ™‚ ❀

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