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{Bible Study} 4 Lamentation Verses For When You’re Feeling Blue

Hi friend 🙂

Remember awhile back when I posted these thoughts on Psalm 1:3? Well, this post will be in a similar vein.

I think everyone can appreciate wisdoms to be gleaned from ancient writings, whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Agnostic, Atheist, None of these, All of these, yada yada yada.

It is comforting for me to know that sentiments I live through today have been felt by many, many people who walked the earth long before me. Very comforting. Therapeutic, in fact.

A lot of the Bible verses with stellar background images you find on Pinterest have very uplifting messages. But you know what I sometimes find more uplifting? Reading passages of gloom and doom. Lol. I know that may seem crazy, but come on. The best poets don’t write about sunshine and butterflies 100% of the time, do they? It is far more comforting and will resonate stronger with me to know someone else’s suffering through troubling words when I am experiencing a troubling moment.

Nothing says hard times like Lamentations. I mean, just the name itself is spot on. So I flipped to it (It’s only like 4 or 5 chapters, you can read all of Lamentations in like 5 minutes, btw). I’m not sharing these to be “woe is me”, I’m sharing these because when I read through Lamentations last night, these were the verses that I would have underlined if I had a pencil on me. They are the verses that caused me pause. They were the “YES”. So next time you are feeling blue, maybe click back to this post and see if they help you.

I love this one. It sucks, but sometimes nobody can comfort your pain. Nobody. And that is perfectly normal. Sometimes you just need to cry and that in itself is what will help you.

Sorry, but I am about to go bible nerd on you. The JPS translation of “My heart has turned over within me” is “I know how wrong I was”. But I like the literal translation better. What do you think? This line appears in Exodus 14:5 and Hosea 11:8, which suggests that there is some ancient editing going on. Interesting, no? 🙂

Well, ain’t that the truth!  It is suppose to say Has* not Had… sorry about that! I don’t feel like recreating the image though. LOL, #lazy.

Ooh, isn’t that a juicy line? 2:10-2:13 as a whole is probably my favorite passage, some great anthropomorphism, but that is too much writing to fit on one image haha. Go check it out for yourself :).

Peace and Love.
🙂 ❤

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