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Week 2 Running Recap

Hey, hey, hey!

So- True to form I totally bailed on my first 4 runs. LOL. Way to start things off on the right foot, Bex! No great excuses, just that it was freaking disgusting weather, Aunt flow made an appearance (sry if that’s TMI), and I just didn’t feel like it. Period. (Lol, get it?)

But I figure now that I have already missed 4, the bar has been set way low so I can only go up! I intend to keep track of every run I miss. Hopefully this shames me into not missing too many more ;).


THURSDAY – Easy 3 Miles

It was SO Hard to get out the door (worst Ice Storm in like a decade according to some). It was GORGEOUS once I realized how to be sure not to slip on ice. I ran it without my Garmin- which I think I am going to do for the easy runs for the first few weeks, maybe the whole training cycle. It is so nice to not even be tempted to look at your watch and just truly take it easy. Very enjoyable, really.

FRIDAY – Easy 3 Miles

I Left the house at 5 pm and it was dark by like 5:15. Headlamp was out of batteries.. Need to fix that. But I stuck to roads with street lamps. It was still beautiful, icy wonderland, and I noticed more christmas lights since it was a night run. FREE-to-the-Zing, So glad I bought those two pairs of running pants at Old Navy last week. I kinda hate running in pants, but shorts don’t really feel like a sane option right now.

SATURDAY – Easy 3 miles

Side high pony tail and high school crew sweater… Must do laundry.

SUNDAY – Easy 4 miles

I wanted to document the icepocolipse.

One of my fave running stretches.

The goats and Barley always check each other out.

The two horses are only in this pasture like 10% of the time when I run by. So serene and peaceful when they are :).

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