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Weekend Recap #20: Icepocalypse

So the one positive of this crazy ice storm was campus was closed Thursday and Friday so I got a 4 day weekend. already wrote this post about my major grocery haul and meal prepping on Friday, and this post about my running I did over the weekend. So let me fill in the dots with a few other things that occurred :).

Arts & Crafts- Made Jersey Yarn from Old T-Shirts. I have been meaning to do this for months, but the Icepocalypse really put me in the knitting mood so it finally happened lol.
I made two matching forest green headband/ear warmers for me and my sister 🙂

I volunteered at a local half marathon from like 7:30-12:30. It was very, very cold, but still really fun!
Husband was in Portland for work a work thing so I did some house and yard chores, watched the “Oregon Revealed” OPB special while snuggling Trixie (she totally has those awesome grumpy cat vibes, but it is a facade she is a sweetheart.)

That night we went bowling with high stakes – winner got to choose dinner. Husband beat me like 103 to 56. LOL.


Slept in, drank coffee, snuggled the pup (who snuggled his christmas doggy), and read in bed. Bliss.

Our friends came over for a few hours in the afternoon, specifically to play ping pong :). We got lots of good rallies and games in. So fun!

Went over the river and through the woods to my in-laws’ for dinner. Family recipe favorite- Cioppino. It was delish! Wish I snapped a pic. We also hot tubbed, played dominoes, and wathced the first 20 mins of Sound of Music before heading home.

I can’t believe I have work tomorrow! Crazy. Really needed this long weekend, and there are a few more around the bend this holiday season (hurray!).

Hope you had a great weekend and wishing you a great week ahead.

❤ :).

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