{Product Review} HASK Chia Seed Oil Shampoo + Conditioner

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and I received samples from HASK in exchange for an honest review of the product. All opinions expressed are my own. (as always!)

Hey there. Wow, I feel like I am in a shampoo comercial reviewing shampoo and conditioner LOL. JK, doing these reviews for products that I am genuinely interested in trying out is really fun! What interested me about HASK Chia Seed Oil Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner?

Well, for starters, and most importantly, the chia seeds. I am a total believer that they are a super power. Ever since reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall (my book review here) and learning first hand the joys of chia pudding (bomb recipe for a chia pudding breakfast bowl here), I have been 100% crazy about the stuff!

Another reason is that I am not 100% sold on any one shampoo/conditioner. I am on the forever quest. It is crazy just how much hair products really do impact how my hair looks/dries/feels/curls/etc. So after just a bit of research I found out HASK is free of sulfates and parabens, doesn’t test on animals, and is made right here in the USA (win, win, win).

Okay, shall I get into the pros and cons?

The Pros:
1. It smells AMAZING.

2. It makes my hair dry way faster than any shampoo/conditioner product I have ever tried (that I can recall, anyways). This is a major, major pro in my opinion, especially in winter. I have A LOT of hair, and it usually takes, like, hours (literally) to dry (and no- blow drying is not an option unless I have another 30 mins to dedicate to styling on top of the 10 minutes of blow drying. Does anybody actually have time for that on the regular? I sure don’t). With HASK it has been drying in like 20-30 minutes which is actually crazy, in a good way!

3. It really is weightless. I have definitely used hair products that make my hair just feel weighed down and heavy. This certainly does not do that.

4. The price point! $5.99 a bottle? I can get behind that!

The Cons:
1. I only have one con, but it’s kinda a biggy. It doesn’t do much for my hair in the curling department. I don’t know why but my hair will just not curl the way it normally does naturally. It’s kind of a bummer.

SOLUTION- What I have been doing is just putting my hair in two tight braids while it is still damp. The result is wavy hair that I am pretty okay with! I wouldn’t say the result is like mind blowing amazing hair days, but it does feel pretty easy. And the fact that it still will dry so quickly, even in braids, is really unique and frankly, kind of wild.

Here’s a pic taken on a walk around campus on my luch break the other day. No extra hair product, no heat tools, just braids after washing and conditioning with HASK.

And another pic a few days later on my lunch break in my car… (You can only see the tips of my hair but I like the lighting better, lol).


Honestly, I give the product two thumbs up. HASK doesn’t market the product as specifically for curly hair, so I can’t fault them for not enhancing my natural curl. And honestly, I might prefer the braided wavy look to my natural curls, which is super low maintenance since I haven’t been using any heating products. I’m going to experiment with adding some coconut oil as a leave-in product, but all in all I dig it.

🙂 ❤

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