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Weekly Running Recap #3

Hey! Broken record preface: I’m training with the Hansons Marathon Method Beginner program for my 4th full marathon. This is my recap for my third week of training.

Monday – Rest day

Aka watch Michelle and Oprah and eat dessert.

Tuesday – easy 4 miles

Note to self: there is nothing “easy” about treadmill running yet for me. But it was better than running in pitch black rain. Husband brought out the frothy delicious beer at like 3.2. It was exciting and torture all at once lol.

Wednesday – Rest day

Took a walk around campus on my lunch break. One of the underused courtyards behind the library.

Thursday – Easy 3 miles

The plan called for 4 but I was so freaking bored I called it quits at 3. LAME, I know. I was mad at myself, but also not really that mad lol.

Friday – Easy 4 miles

I had the day off work for pre-christmas eve. I was very proud of myself for spending the day deep cleaning before allowing myself to run. The pup mucks up the floor with his muddy paws, doesn’t help scrub them clean, and then gets to enjoy laying on the nice, clean floor while I am still on my hands and knees scrubbing away. I was so (not rationally) annoyed at him that I refused to take him on the run with me. Lol, sorry Barley.

Saturday – Unplanned rest day

I’m chalking up missing my 3 miles to procrastination in the gift department. But I am not counting it as a missed run for the training cycle because I did two runs on Sunday (today) to make up the missed work out.

Sunday – Easy 7 (& my first ever Two-a-day)

I did a quick 2.5 miles, in my nike frees. I made the dumb decision of not wearing socks (some ppl don’t in these shoes, they are kinda minimal/barefoot). I got two blisters on the inside of each of my arches. Lol. First “injury” of the training! I popped them (tmi?) put socks on, and went to Christmas (Chinese food) lunch in my running clothes. Then I came back home and took the dog on a 4.5 easy run. It was sunny and beautiful.

 :). Barley usually leads, but after 3 miles he starts to relax a little and will run by my side or trail behind me. That’s one of my very favorite signs of a longer run.

Yay running!

🙂 ❤

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