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Marathon Training Week 4 Recap

Monday – Rest Day

Did helllllla laundry folding. Had the realization that my winter running sweater/jacket game is pretty strong ๐Ÿ™‚

I may or may not already be thinking of costume ideas for the Hippie Chick women’s run in May…

Monday night lying in bed my legs definitely felt the cumulative fatigue that HMM is all about for the first time this training cycle.

Tuesday – 3.66 miles

It was suppose to be 5 but I was NOT feelin it. I watched the first part of the Sense 8 Christmas special which was fun. I stopped at 3.13, came back intending to finish 1.7. Only made it to 3.66 and called it quits and drew a bath instead.

Wednesday – Rest Day

Also Hubby’s birthday :). I got him a book on beekeeping, the real present being that I will let him get a backyard hive this spring. I was super anti but I know keeping honey bees is suppose to be really good for the environment. Also backyard honey would be pretty neat. I’ve already started watching bee documentaries and we are going to take classes at the backyard farming store we frequent.

idk. the bzzzzzz noise still freaks me out.

Thursday & Friday – unplanned rest days (womp Womp). 0 motivation to run plus our friend Chris is visiting. So Thursday we played Settlers of Catan and drank too much beer instead. #priorities

Friday instead of running I snuggled the cat and dog and drank hot chocolate and watched the documentary Finding Traction about ultrarunner Nikki Kimball. OMG so good, cried a lot. Definitely watch it; it’s on Netflix. When I have a dip in motivation running films, books, podcasts definitely help.

So now I’m at 6 missed runs. Still keeping track.

Saturday – 4ish miles

Last run of 2016! Now we are en route to PORTLAND ๐Ÿ™‚ yay NYE shenanigans. Barley too!

๐Ÿ™‚ โค

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