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The Weekend Recap #21: New Years in Portland

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

It is currently 12:44pm and this is my current view:

Just passing Enchanted Forest and the snow is starting to pick up. We’re cutting our Portland visit short and are en route back to Eugene so we don’t have to drive in the snowy dark.

Saturday: Hit the road around noon. Made myself a big ol’ salad for the road with pesto, spinach, and jalapeño. I had the same thing on Friday night for dinner and it was so dang good I was craving more :).

This train was full of oil and lumber. It made me think about how important railroads are for our country’s infrastructure, and how important lumber is for the Oregon economy. Chris and Barley were cute cuddled up in the back.

We spent a few hours shmoozing with my mom and then took an Uber to the East side for NYE shenanigans.

First stop: The Commons Brewery.

My older sis and my husband, this pic makes me happy 🙂

Next stop: Voicebox Karaoke. We had quite the crew.

After karaoke we rung in the New Year at the Loyal Legion. We were in an Uber back to my mom’s by 12:10 am, lol. #OldFogies

Sunday: Woke up early, like 7 am, as I typically do after the rare night of drinking whiskey (ironic, isn’t it?)

My sisters were coming over for brunch so I got a head start on prepping the food. My mom joined me and we drank coffee and listened to the Prince of Egypt soundtrack as we sliced and diced. My mom and I are a lot alike in a lot of ways, lol.

My mom was like “you should start a catering business” and I was like “I know, right?” 🙂 (but really, I’ve totally thought about it. Who knows, maybe someday…)

Sister convo:

Before we ate we did a lil Hanukkah gifting. My mom killed it with the presents (you can hover over the pic for captions)…

I got the running log which is perfect!!

After brunch my sisters and I took Barley on a walk and goofed around.

After that I went on a 5 mile run around Gabriel Park and to Alpenrose Dairy and back. It was hilly and super fun and I’ll recap that next weekend in my weekly running recap :).

Then I made bloody mary’s and hot tubbed which was PERFECTION.

Went to Chevy’s for dinner (husby’s absolute favorite) and then played Settlers of Catan with the crew… Ya. We play that game a lot. LOL.

We drove Chris to the airport at 5 am. It was freezing and I wrapped myself in the blanket and basically kept sleeping (lol).

Luv ya Chris, miss you already.

We stopped for breakfast with my aunt and uncle on our way out of town (happy birthday Shu Shu!).

I feel grateful to have the amazing friends, sisters, and family that I have. It’s easy to feel isolated when I live 100 miles south of Portland, usually in a peaceful way but lately also in a lonely way. This weekend was long overdue and just what I needed.

Now I am back home and Trixie is overjoyed.

🙂 ❤

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