My 5 Goals for 2017

Hi there!

There will be no running recap this week. I went on two runs, a 5 miler in Portland on Sunday and a 4 miler on Wednesday. But the snow and ice are really bad and kind of putting a damper on the training. What can ya do? At least Barley is still having the time of his life entertaining himself in the backyard with this snowy fluffy stuff. 🙂


In lieu of a running recap I’m posting this. You may recall in my Taking Stock of 2016 post that I have some goals for 2017. I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted to share them on the blog. Mainly, because I knew it would be a monster of a post to write. Also, because they are rather personal and it sometimes feels pretty dang vulnerable to put this stuff out for anyone to read, family and friends included.

But the posts that are hard to share are usually the ones that are most interesting to folks and are the ones that are begging to be written, are they not? I know these types of posts are the ones that I really enjoy reading on other blogs.

If I am struggling or working on something, maybe somebody who is reading my words can relate. That is the absolute BEST as a reader. When you are like, yes, hallelujah, amen, I’m not alone!

These introductory paragraphs are my version of stalling, if you haven’t figured that out yet. Lol. Shall I get into it then?

Okay, after a month, a year, a lifetime of introspection, I have arrived at five goals I plan to accomplish in 2017. These aren’t vague resolutions. They are goals. That I want to accomplish. I kept my own version of the SMART goal system in mind in creating these (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-based). I will now attempt to expound upon each of these goals.

1. Create my Dream Home.
I’ve written about how much owning a home is a dream come true for me in this post. And I am so, so, so grateful and proud to be a home owner. I know the previous sentence may sound like a #humblebrag. But it’s not. It’s just me keeping it real. Owning a home is NOT something I take lightly and not something I take for granted by any stretch of the imagination. If you would have told thirteen-year-old Becca that she would be a homeowner by the time she was twenty-five she almost certainly and irrefutably would not have believed you.

And it’s not that my home is in a terrible state or anything. I just realize that Home is something I Value, with an upper-case V. Of course, not to get too philosophical, there are many homes that I consider home. My body is another important home to me. Being in the presence of my friends and family feels like home to me. Oregon feels like home to me. And now as I am typing this, I realize the other four goals for 2017 fit into this broader definition of the Home Value. Hah, isn’t what you uncover while writing just supremely wonderful?

So back to the goal of creating my dream home. I love my house. Although it’s technically not a “tiny” home, it is certainly on the smaller side. Less than 1,200 square feet.

Here’s my Specific vision: Simple. Woodsy Farmhouse. Cheery. Fresh. Lots of white and wood and galvanized tin. Minimal. Lavender and Baby’s Breath. Mason jars and quilts. Tidy and clean.

My rough Timeline is the following monthly projects, room by room. If all goes according to plan I should be feeling pretty dang accomplished, although it will always be a work in progress, by October.

January – Laundry “Room”& Home Office
February – Bedroom & Garage
March – Front Yard & Back Yard
April – Back Porch
May – Living Room & Dining Room
June – Bathrooms
July – Kitchen
August – Hallway & Pantry
September – Guest Room

Attainable? Measurable? Realistic? I believe so, yes! Why not? I am a busy gal, sure, but this is important to me so I want to make time for it. And since I am really going for a minimalist feel, and I pride myself on being thrifty, it shouldn’t be too much of a financial strain. Of course house repairs are always popping up and there is always something that needs fixing. But can I just be optimistic about this please? Thanks!

One more thing on this goal – the clean and tidy aspect. I really want to stay on top of chores, so I am making a daily and weekly chore list on a chalk board, including division of labor of his chores and her chores. If it looks super cute maybe I’ll post a pic on the blog. And can we just all acknowledge that deep cleaning is a workout?! Especially when you live with a canine.


Shall we move onto the next goal?

2. Achieve Financial Freedom.
Okay, okay, okay. I know this is one lofty, vague goal. And I won’t go into too much SMART detail in this post about this goal, but I do have a few things to say on the matter that I think many can probably relate to. I don’t mean to say “I’m going to make buckets and buckets of cash this year,” and I don’t mean to say “I am going to save X amount of dollars every month.”

I am defining financial freedom as letting go of this internalized, unjustified limiting belief that I could never be financially secure and that I should always be fearful of going broke. Those are limiting beliefs that for most of my life felt true. But they are not the truth. The truth is, I’m not a little girl on free and reduced lunch anymore. And I’m not a broke college kid going to school full time and living off my three part-time jobs and student loans. And I’m not ashamed that I was that girl. That girl is a scrappy, badass chick who built a good life for herself. An imperfect, complicated, beautiful, amazing life. Sure, there is lots of room for improvement. And I could be better (and plan to be) at creating and sticking to a budget every month and better with the bookkeeping. But I’m doing everything in my power to be 100% done with the scarcity attitude. It isn’t serving me. I’m done with staring at the floor, being afraid it will fall out from under me. It’s not. Onward and upward, am I right?

Dang, that felt good to type. #GirlPower. Onto the next, then?

3. Enjoy Nutritious & Delicious Homemade Food.
Of all of the five goals, I am probably already the strongest in this area. And I want to maintain that. My food journey, like so, so many of us, has been a long, windy road. And I am still learning so much. I want to continue to primarily eat the healthy plant based, whole foods that taste great and make me feel amazing. And I want to continue to enjoy my favorite treats like hot chocolate, peanut butter, and popcorn doused in artificial flavoring or straight up butter and Parmesan the way my mom used to make it. Food is fuel and nutrients, but it is also such an integral part of our lives and should be enjoyed. This year I want to keep up with the meal prep for work days, experiment more with canning and pickling, and make more special weekend dinners at home.

I have been blogging more about running than cooking lately, but seeing as Rebecca Radish started as a food blog, maybe it is time to do more food posts in 2017. Some of my favorite homemade foods of 2016:

4. Solidify My Running Routine.
It’s still so crazy to me that I started running back in 2008. Holy crap, it’s 2017… nine years ago now. After nine years I have finally realized how good running is for my physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. I definitely lose motivation, so having races on the calendar keeps me on track. I basically have my running calendar worked out until mid-May. I am trying to decide what to do after that! And I have decided this is the year I want to experiment with trail races. I have even, gulp, been eyeing a few ultras. I can’t believe I just typed that, lol. I doubt it will happen in 2017. But never say never. I just want to do more running in the woods is all 🙂 . First things first, get through training for the Vernonia Marathon on April 9th using the Hansons Marathon Method beginner plan. One thing at a time. Unless I find the perfect race that is just screaming for me to sign up for, that is. Lol.

Some running highlight photos of 2016:

5. More Laughter, Adventure, and Carefree Fun.
This one is last for a reason. Yes, it is probably the one that is most important to me. It will also be easier for me to achieve goal #5 if goals #1-4 are taken care of. I have the annoying habit of taking life, and myself, far too seriously. But I know myself well enough to know that it’s easier for me to feel carefree if I know I will becoming home to a house that lights my soul on fire, if I’m not busy unnecessarily stressing about money, and if I am feeling happy and healthy and strong in my body by eating good food and staying active (running is my exercise of choice lately, but I like yoga, jump roping, and I’m going to try out boxing too. Doesn’t matter what activity it is, as long as you enjoy it).

I feel I am at my best when I am just laughing it up without a care in the world or on an exciting adventure with good company. If it is a mix of the two, all the better. Livin’ for the weekend, am I right?! #WeekendWarrior. 🙂

Some of my favorite adventure, carefree fun photos of 2016:

So, what do my 5 goals mean for the blog? Well, I plan to incorporate the following (P.S. don’t hold me to any of this. Not promising, just sharing the ideas):

1. Create my Dream Home
-1 post a month on how the monthly home improvement projects are going
2. Achieve Financial Freedom
-Continue to share how little I spend on my massive grocery hauls (it’s a pride point, lol)
-Be way more proactive about seeking opportunities for sponsored and guest posts
3. Eat Nutritious & Delicious Homemade Food
-Continue sharing my meal preps
-Possibly start a weekly “Best of What I Ate” Recap
4. Solidify My Running Routine
-Continue with weekly running recaps, even after the HMM series.
5. More Laughter, Adventure, and Carefree Fun
-Keep up with the weekend recaps! (Probably one of my favorite things to blog about).

Wow. I think I am done typing out this post! If you read all the way through you are a total champion in my book. Anyone else have some similar goals for the coming year? Or different ones? I’d love to hear them!

🙂 ❤

2 thoughts on “My 5 Goals for 2017

  1. Love reading about all your goals for 2017! I’m always a fan of what you write – stories, grocery hauls, weekend recaps – and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the new year 🙂 Keep up the positivity and love and thanks for sharing it with us.

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