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Marathon Training Recap: Week 5

Okay sorry I lied in my last post saying I wouldn’t post a recap this week. Even though the winter weather has stopped me from a lot of my runs this week, I still managed to get out for 3 runs.

Sunday – 5 miles

Anyone else still use Map my Run? I’ve been using it for years, long before I had a Garmin. And it’s still my go to site for creating new running routes, especially when I’m out of town.

I really love that area of SW Portland. I grew up so close to Alpenrose dairy, but somehow I had never been on Illinois and Nebraska st (I always just took Vermont). If I ever lived in Portland I would totallllly want a house on one of those streets. Definition of a cute and quaint neighborhood.

My mom and aunt and uncle grew up going to Alpenrose Dairy. The general area is a rich landmark of history for my family. I thought about my family almost the entire run. My mom and her siblings, my grandma, my grandpa who died before I was born, my cousins, my sisters, me.

I wondered if Grandpa Allen was a runner and if he ever ran on the exact streets I was running on. That was a trippy thought. I’ll have to ask my mom.

The only other thought about this run was that it was pretty dang hilly but I actually didn’t mind that at all. Dare I say, enjoyed it :).

Wednesday – 4 miles

I did a mile on the treadmill and was not feeling it. I rarely am on the treadmill. I wish I was a person who enjoyed the treadmill. It would make marathon training so much more convenient. And I’m so, so, so, glad I have it. It honestly has been great as like kick start – warm up device.

After the mile on the treadmill I hit the snowy roads in the dark. Ended up LOVING it. The dark didn’t actually feel that dark because of how the white snow reflects onto the night sky. It was an easy run that felt truly easy because I was so focused on being careful not to slip that I didn’t even think of speed.

Saturday – 4.5 miles

OMG my braid literally froze. LOL

So, so fun. I saw a snow fight, two sledders, 3 ppl on four wheelers, 2 sets of dog walkers, 2 walkers, one kid with a rope tied to his bike dragging another kid along on her bike (LOL, this seems like something my sister and I would have tried), and atleast 3 snowmen. Also I love the smell of wood smoke from chimneys. Quite a few families were playing at the park and the elementary school too 🙂 My neighborhood knows how to snow party!

That is another thing I love about being a runner. I feel like I am the witness/observer to so many lives. Maybe that is creepy. But I get lots of smiles, hand waves, and nods of encouragement on my runs. I recognize the dog walkers. I saw neighbors exchanging beautifully wrapped christmas gifts in their pajamas. I see the family farmers out working in their little organic fields with signs all over that say “bee friendly”. I have witness countless hours of humanity. We moved to our house in May 2015, and I have done enough running on these streets to feel very connected, even if I only know the names of the neighbors in my cul de sac.

2 thoughts on “Marathon Training Recap: Week 5

    1. Totally! I know some people get really into treadmill workouts with incline and speed play, but that feels like too much thinking and button pressing for me. Ha!

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