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Marathon Training Week 6 Recap

I thought about putting these marathon training weekly recaps on hiatus. Some things you have to live through before you can write about them. As the long runs are getting longer, and I’m revisiting some old familiar demons of doubt and fatigue, just the thought of trying to capture the essence of the training week in the form of a blogpost takes effort. Let alone actually crafting it.

Warning, this post mentions gross, scary things likes runners toenails and blood and vomit and mountain lions. Proceed with caution.

Side note: That is another reason I thought about taking a hiatus from these recaps. I worry that by talking about the negative parts of running that I will turn people away from the sport, rather than inspire someone to give it a shot.

I feel like before I proceed I have to say that obviously distance running isn’t 100% rainbows and butterflies, but IMO the positives far, far, FAR outweigh the negatives. Like, no question.

I just got back from an eight mile easy run that I have been putting off. While I was out there I had the realization that I have been afraid of this distance.

Eight miles is the longest distance I have run since my last full marathon back in November.

I kind of down played it, but I got really, really sick the night after my last marathon. Granted, my nutrition game was WAY OFF (you can read about that race weekend here, if you’re interested), but that didn’t make it any less scary. Somehow I made it back to my hotel room with my sister and basically passed out after I had been feeling positively nauseated the latter half of the race, and then woke up puking in the middle of the night. Thankfully I woke up the next morning no longer nauseated, but I was very weak and dehydrated.

I don’t know why but I guess with where I am currently at, eight miles feels like the threshold of what is considered long.

I’m proud of myself for crossing the eight mile mark.

What other things can I share about this week of training… It has been pivotal. Without a doubt.

Last night I finally had the guts to take toe nail clippers to my right big toenail, which has been on a mostly dead nail bed for probably over a year. It started out as like a blue toenail. I’ll spare you the picture of what it now looks like… 95% of it is gone, and I’m hoping it will grow back normal now. I kinda doubt it, but whatevs. (Things you don’t think you will ever seem like no big deal but suddenly aren’t). I honestly think it looks better than it did…

On Friday I got my first pair of trail running shoes and went on my first trail run in said shoes on Saturday!

And just like that, I am pretty sure I am a convert. I have an amazon gift card I’ve been holding onto that I am going to put towards a trail hydration pack, but I cannot decide which one to get. Charting new territory… anyone have any recommendations?

Other memorable running moments of the week include:

Last Sunday – O Miles

With like 6 inches of wet snow on the ground, I had no desire to even attempt a run. I did, however, get the serious urge to craft. I’m on a vision board kick. Remember in my Thanksgiving in Sacramento post when I picked up the WA, OR, and CA free travel guides on the road trip south? Well I’ve been holding onto them and finally felt like it was time to collage it up. I was so in the flow, it felt great :).

Monday – 1.5 miles & 90 min. Hot Yoga

For that whole story, read my last post, it’s a gem IMO :).

Thursday – .25 miles

Aka, Track fail. I felt 100% unmotivated. Like “is this a joke. This may be the last place on earth I want to be right now.” So rather than being dogmatic even when I knew I “should” buckle down and just be disciplined for once, I didn’t want to. At all. So I left.

Friday – Trail Shoes Arrive

Saturday – 5 mile trail run

Once you have a vision (see vision board) that expands your horizons, it feels impossible to go back to that old way of thinking.

I knew after my last full marathon these gigantic city races aren’t what feel aligned with my running goals. That’s why when I found the Vernonia Marathon, on a paved bike trail through the forest, it felt right.

I really am an introvert. My time out on the roads are mine and mine alone, and that is such an important aspect of what running is to me. Alone time. It can be lonely at times, but if I am on a trail immersed in nature, I do not feel alone. At all. I feel like that Tarahumara saying that I am going to butcher now: When you run on the earth and when you run with the earth, you can run forever. 

I feel like I’m running with the earth on a trail. With the birds cawing and with the waters rushing and with the mountain lion, imaginary or real, I imagine observing me from the distance. She is not lurking close to me, and probably not stalking me, but I feel her eyes on me.  And I imagine that she knows that I’m aware of her presence too, even if I can’t see her or smell her scent. I’m not hunting her, she’s not hunting me, yest we both sure as hell prefer to keep our distance from one another.

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