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Weekend Recap #22: Dog/House Sitting

Hey! Is it too late to recap last weekend? Cuz I am going to regardless ;). We house/dog sat at my in laws from Thursday-Monday. I ❤ house sitting there :).

Friday: Woke up early and enjoyed a stocked kitchen and packed a proper breakfast and lunch for work. Mmmmm.

8-5: Work.

5:01: Weekend!! Alright!!! Listened to some of the audiobook Faithful Place (3rd book in Tana French’s Dublin Murder Squad series– currently kind of obsessed) on the drive back out to the house.

Had on-lookers watch me eat my dinner. :). Our friend Brendan stayed out with us, which was super fun as always.


Taught Brendan how to play dominos. He wasn’t allowed to go home and create teaching lesson plans/do grad school hw until he beat me. So we played 4 games.

Ate the avocado toast pre run. came back and the pb banana toast was gone and husby swears he didn’t touch it. My money is on Bogie… Lol

He was all “I’m innocent!” Didn’t but it for a second ;). Decided to do a face mask

Then my sister was coming to town just for a few hours because her boyfriend and his dad had Duck basketball tickets. So I threw together a frittata that turned out pretty bomb, put it in the oven, and made the drive into town to get her.

My in laws also have backyard chickens and their girls are laying through the winter, unlike our girls, and I am jealous.

I spy a sister on the stairwell in a Patriots sweatshirt and coaxing the cat downstairs :).

Her visit was far too short but a few hours is better than nothing!


Waking up in the forest house is always so awesome. I look pissed, but this is just my pre-coffee face ;).

Took my time getting ready and went back into town to check on our house and go horseback riding! It had been far too long since visiting a Misty and I was so glad to get out to the stables and ride. The ground was frozen in the arena so we just trotted a little but mostly we just walked in the field.

Drove back out to the in laws &  just layed low the rest of the day.


Husband had work but I had MLK day off. Still woke up early to let the dogs out and get some fresh air.

Went on an eight mile run. I already recapped that in my last marathon training recap post. (I think two posts ago if you want to check it out… it’s harder to insert links when blogging from phone!)

Got back, changed into my comfy robe, made coffee, and did more relaxing in the backyard with Lily and Barley before getting in the hot tub.

Barley, the fireplace is already dug…

That’s basically it really! Did some chores and grocery shopping (super exciting).  Looking forward to recapping this weekend hopefully sooner than I got around to this post of last weekend 😉 ❤

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