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Smorgasbord – Weekend Recaps #23-24 & Marathon Training Week 7 Recap

Hey, hey. Not gunna lie, the past two weeks have been rough and tough and emotionally exhausting. Stress at work, a minor ankle/foot/heel injury that is finally feeling healed, exhaustion.

Super fun, right?

I don’t feel like typing politics, but the political climate is the broader context in which the personal craziness has occured. I don’t think it is unrelated… seems the whole country (& world) is on edge.

But Friday night was a new moon and I’ve decided to try my best to turn a new leaf in my own little life narrative.

I just needed some time to process life before blogging about it, so this is like a 4-in-1 catch up post :).

My brother in law came to visit for 2 weeks! He mostly stayed out at my in-laws, but he spent a few nights in town with us :).


I love seeing my husband in the big bro role. They make a cute pair of silly siblings. 2 Friday nights ago we went out on the town and played exploding kittens, a pretty decent card game by The Oatmeal blerch guy, so you know as a distance runner I’m kind of a fan girl.


Put on my knee high pussy socks.

Grabbed some fuel (the ball imagery was completely unintentional, but kind of hilarious)

Husband dropped me and brother in law off at the Women’s March.

Ran home in the rain. My Nike Frees were a TERRIBLE choice for a longish run. My other shoes were MIA and I was being rushed out the door and I just grabbed them. STUPID mistake. I think I have finally learned my lesson.


Went on a 5.5 mile run. No phone so no pictures. But ya. Monday morning I woke up with a SORE ankle, heel, foot. Never running long distances in those frees again.

—-Work Week—-


Fifth day of not running. Tempted, but foot still felt a little off. Drank husband’s homebrew and waited expectantly on the front porch for him to get back from his sales day in Portland.


Shakshukah and sweet potato latke brunch. My mother in law out did herself :). So good!

2 mile run (finally). Foot held up, and glad I didn’t go more than 2.

Big fundraiser at the brewery Hubby works for 🙂 huge success! It was poppin.


Dog park date. Barley and Clementine meet for the first time! We are Airbnbing at the coast with both pups next weekend so we wanted to make sure they were already acquainted.

Went grocery shopping after. The end!

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