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February 2017 Weekend Recaps & Running Update

Hi there!

This post will be a wrap up of the last three weekends. You can read the Travel Oregon story I wrote about our trip to Coos Bay and Yachatz two weekends ago here. (And I hope that you do! Such a great weekend).

Last weekend was the KLCC Brewfest. If you’ve been a reader for awhile, you probably know that my husband is very into home brewing beer. And he truly makes damn good beer.

We have an annual tradition where three of his college buddies come down for the Brewfest the night they announce the homebrew competition winners. We do tasters of the beers he entered at home, drink whatever’s on tap, and drink a lot of craft beer samples at the fest.

My hubby went for the threepeat and took first in Barleywines and third in specialty IPAs. Right on!

This Weekend

Not surprising, considering how busy we have been and the germs spreading around, Jon got sick this past Tuesday and I was feeling weird in my throat on Thursday and was full on sick by Friday. Boo.

I ended up leaving work early on Friday, and slept for almost 20 hours straight.

Between all the rest and medicine I thought I might have been in the clear yesterday, so I decided to go to a work thing from 11-12. I still sounded worse than a frog, lol.

I was feeling pretty lousy but not tired and I thought about that old phrase “sweat out the cold.” My training plan called for a 7 mile run on Saturday and 16 mile run on Sunday.

It’s close enough to Marathon day (April 9) that I am legit freaking out about my lack of training. I’ve kept up the weekend running, but the weekday runs just havent been happening. For like 6-7 weeks. Gahhhhhhh. Angry with myself. A lot of this had to do with a minor foot injury, but there is no excuse. I should have been doing other aerobic activities non impact.

Anyways. I went on the run yesterday and it actually did help me feel better while running.

Made my cabbage “pad thai” post run. Yum! Barley was all cuddily post run.

By evening I felt like crap again. We watched crappy Lifetime television and cuddled on the couch. It was honestly a nice change of pace given how busy we have stayed on the weekends.

We weren’t totally lazy! we played indoor fetch with Barley’s fave toys as of late.


We took our time drinking coffee and relaxing. I even made myself breakfast in bed 🙂

A part of me wanted to not even attempt the run. But I had the garmin charged, my running clothes in the dryer, The Ultra Mindset downloaded on Audible (about halfway through, started it on my Saturday run, will review when finished), and I decided not starting wasn’t an option.

As hard as it is for me to run on weekdays, It’s equallyhard for me to not run on weekends. Is that weird?? Anyone else feel that struggle??

The run was fine for the most part. Blips of sun. I decided to wear my running pack with 260 ml of water flask (not much… I know), 3 tangerines, and a banana for fuel. Around mile two I ditched the banana to make room for my water resistant lightweight hoodie in the back storage pouch.

The run was so. slow. Somewhat tired legs from the 7 miles the day before, combimed with the congestion. It was not great in terms of speed, but great for mental training.

There was a 5k/10k on the riverpath. I shouldn’t have been surprised by this, it was a Sunday in Eugene on the most popular running path. I guess I was surprised that I hadn’t heard about it before then, lol.

I think that was the first time I was one of the runners not racing. I always admire those few runners when I see them on race day, so that was kinda neat.

FINALLY I made it eight miles and cod turn around to head back. It started to trickle so I put the hoodie back on. Took the moment to snap this photo. I was curious if I looned as beat up as I felt.

I switched back from the music I put on to help carry me from mile 5-8 to the audiobook, took a moment to feel sorry for myself, and continued to trudge.

Made it to mile 10 and started to walk, pealing my second tangerine. The familiar overuse ache in the knees and upper foot started to appear, which is why I began walking. I walked maybe .3 miles, the pain completely subsided, so I began the slog again.

It wasn’t fun. I hit 11 miles, then twelve. I Could have kept going. The question was should I. I was about half a mile from the end of the riverpath, where husband could potentially come to my rescue. I thought about it, and decided to call it in. Only pride would have kept me out there to finish the last 3.5 miles. As slow as I was going, and as lousy as I was feeling, I was done and I knew it.

And that was that. Took a quick bath, then husband and I met up with my sis at Buffalo Wild Wings, where I replenished carbs with an IPA, two glasses of hot water with lemon, and hot pretzels. yum.

She is en route to Portland, making the move back home from her decade in LA (welcome home sister!!!) Her car is impressively stuffed :).

Currently sipping a concoctionof hot water, lemon, and apple cider vinegar. So over feeling cruddy!!

In terms of the 26.2 creeping up, I remain cautiously optimistic? And refuse to make any decisions about backing out or transferring my bib to the half (if that’s even an option, I refuse to look). This long distance running thing is a total mind f***. I can do this. I can do this? I’m going to do this.

Hope you had a great weekend and are staying healthy!

2 thoughts on “February 2017 Weekend Recaps & Running Update

  1. I also had the flu last week, it was awful. But on the bright side I got a lot of cleaning done while I was stuck at home! Don’t worry about your marathon – it’s definitely better to be undertrained than overtrained on race day. I was really bad about keeping up with my weekday runs too before my last marathon and I still managed to set a (small) PR!

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