{Book Review} Five Key Takeaways from The Ultra Mindset by Travis Macy

I enjoyed listening to this book. I even got a bit choked up at the point where I took this screenshot.

ultraI’ve never ran further than 26.2 miles. But let’s be honest, for us mere mortals, to run a full marathon absolutely seems like an insurmountable task that requires a certain mindset. A certain determination. Travis Macy refers to the ever popular term –especially given Duckworth’s publication- “Grit”.

But to run long distances, you will need more than steely grit. To keep propelling one foot in front of the other when you have been running for miles and miles, let’s say twenty miles into your marathon, and your body feels like it weighs a million pounds and you are so tired that you could easily curl up on that luscious cement curb and pass the f*** out (can you tell I DID NOT fuel properly at my last marathon? Lol), you need to have what Macy coins “The Ultra Mindset”.

This book is part memoir, part self-help (Hi two of my favorite genres rolled into one. I know lots of people like to gripe and mock Self-Help, but it’s called taking the driver seat in your own life and learning from people who can help you do that).

Macy outlines 8 principles of the Ultra Mindset. I won’t spout them off one by one in summary here, because you can go read it yourself J. I will share my Key takeaways, which I don’t feel really need further explanation. Again, you can read the book for lots of explanations and examples for each principle.

Five Key Takeaways from The Ultra Mindset by Travis Macy

1. It’s all good, mental training.
2. Know your carrot.
3. Positive Psychology is essential for your success.
4. Categorically eliminate quitting as an option.
5. Perspective- Running is hard and important, but there are things in life which are far more difficult and far more important.

And if you are wondering if I am actually considering signing up for an Ultramarathon, my answer is Maybe with a capital M. I definitely want give a half marathon to twenty mile trail race a try before hopping on board for a 50k.

That is all, friend!

2 thoughts on “{Book Review} Five Key Takeaways from The Ultra Mindset by Travis Macy

  1. Great review! I also write book for inspiring nonfiction, and we have a surprisingly similar way of writing our reviews!

    I really like nonfiction because it allows me to learn the lessons that successful people learned the hard way, from the comfort of where ever I might be reading.

    If you are interested in the nonfiction I have been reading, please stop by my page. I post book reviews over biographies, classics, and inspiring nonfiction.

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