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{Book Review} The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

Hi there! This book. Yes. So much yes.

Marie Kondo’s method of tidying up is basically a six month protocol and goes big picture all the way down to how to fold your socks. And all of it makes a lot of sense.

The key principles:

1. Discard first.
2. Hold the object in question. Ask yourself it brings you joy.

***PAUSE*** Watching the Oscar Best Picture TRAIN WRECK. Holy crap. ***END PAUSE***

2. Continued: If it does bring you joy, keep it. If it no longer does, thank it for the great times you shared and LET IT GO. Be free :). Be ruthless.

Now is the perfect time to read this book, with “Spring Cleaning” perhaps at the forefront of your mind. I am in the thralls of it, but I am LOVING discarding. In one weekend I have already gotten rid of about 10 garbage bags and 2 big boxes of recycling. The first thing you are suppose to address is clothing.

Laundry has always been my least favorite chore. Just ask my husband. Or sisters. Gah, it’s the worst! BUT I am happily reducing my wardrobe to a FRACTION of what I used to have. I am learning how folding can no-joke, be fun. I mean, see for yourself!


All of my clothes, save for jackets and dresses, can fit into my antique vanity which was a super sweet Chanukah gift that I absolutely love. I especially can’t believe I have reduced my running clothes to one drawer!


Swoon. All of the clothes I have now, I love. It’s a wonderful feeling.

I can’t wait to keep going with this. You may remember in My 5 Goals for 2017 post, Goal #1 was to create my dream home. I believe this book is the golden ticket to achieving this Goal.

It is pretty simple: When you get rid of everything that doesn’t bringing you joy, you are left surrounded by only things that uplift you and bring you bliss. It is so simple, but really seems to work like magic!

We also re-arranged our living room earlier this week, keeping this method in mind, and have been using it so much more :). To be 100% honest, moving the couch into the middle of the room was 100% husband’s decision. I was extremely anti lol. But, he was right! (A huge piece of marriage advice- admit when the other was right. Usually I’m right, so this was a big “win” for him 😉 hehe.


I think a part of me was afraid to move the couch into the middle of the living room. Our house is so small, it seemed like we should try an maximize floor space. But now that it is in the middle, it feels like we are embracing the small space and really living in it :). IDK. Small things, but also not small.

So happy I took the time to listen to this book! 100% recommend.
🙂 ❤

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