Weekend Recaps

Weekend Recap #26: Purim, Spring, Happy, Yay

Hi there, friend. It is currently 4:30pm and the cat, the dog, the hubs and I are snugglin on the couch with O Brother Where Art Thou on in the background (such a great movie). 

Saturday I slept in til like 11 am and was woken to coffee and breakfast in bed. πŸ™‚ ❀ I’m a lucky lady.

I puttered around most the day not doing much of anything. I did a few loads of laundry and tidied the bedroom while listening to podcasts.

I decided to last minute make hamantashen to bring to the Goat Yoga Brett IPA Beer Release – a funky fresh Claim 52 and Yachats collab.

I ran out of vanilla extract so I added a little extra sugar, and subbed 1/3 of baking soda for the baking powder called for in the recipe. They turned out pretty good! 

We ended up going to a dive bar for karaoke after the beer release with the crew. It was a lot of fun and laughs and a late, drunken night. As Purim should be :).

Sunday (today) I woke up at 9:30 – daylight savings! woo! – said a prayer of thanks that I drank a lot of water throughout the night, and made a pot of coffee and a breakfast hangover scramble with the sauteed cabbage I had leftover in the fridge, spinach, and of course plenty of backyard eggs.

In theory it sounded good but it definitely wasn’t my best work. We each had like two bites and were not feeling it. lol. Can’t win them all in the kitchen… #fail

I decided to go on a run – and it was actually sunny! Like, tank top and shorts sunny! Gahhh so happy it is almost Spring. Understatement of the year. After the 4 sunny miles I decided to keep working out. I was just jogging and taking the run super easy, but felt the urge to really end with some intensity and sweat.

I did the following HIIT style workout: 1. 100 jumps, no weight vest 2. put on weight vest for the rest of the exercises 3. 30 second plank (was shaking- so much more intense with the vest) 4. 20 sit ups 5. 20 kettlebell squat swings 6. 20 stretchy band bicep curl to overhead lift 7. 200 jumps, alternating feet.

I had so much fun doing this that rather than put the exercise stuff back in the garage I brought it in and am just going to store it in a laundry basket to bring out to the driveway post run. 

I forgot how much I love, love, love jump roping. :).

After that we took Barley to the dog park and I was ravenous. So I brought this left over kale-broccoli-bean-rice concoction with Annie’s goddess dressing To eat in the car. Husband called me kitchen sink which I took as a compliment :). 

The park was soooooo muddy lol. Had to give him a bath when we got home which is not super fun but also kind of weirdly fun lol. 

Alright- back to cuddling! ❀

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