Words of Wisdom

4:00 am Pep Talk

Current time: 4:47 am

Been awake since: 3:32 am

My 10:45 am flight to Phoenix is delayed to: 12:09 pm

I suppose it’s only like an hour and a half delay, but every presh minute of this super quick vacation counts!

Also, I left my headphones at work.

Trying to be optimistic and take it as a sign that my ears and brain need this vacation as the rest of me does.

Also, I can’t decide whether to pack my trail runners or an older pair of road runners. Hydration vest or handheld water bottle? Either way I’ll be going on atleast one HOT long run and I couldn’t be more stoked. :).

Also, have I mentioned my next marathon will be the same day as my family Passover seder? Oy. Talk about back to back endurance challenges. LOL. Nah, I kid, I’m really excited, buf oh jeeze im going to need a nap and a hot tub sesh in between these two events FOR SURE. I don’t think the #yolo hashtag has ever felt so poignant. 

I woke up so early in part because I’m excited, in part because I was parched from the beer pairing dinner last night, and mostly because I have a lottttt on my mind.

I wish I could type more about it, but, just trust me on this one (and no mom, this does not mean I’m pregnant) lol. 

Oh goodness, be still my heart, Barley is curled up in a ball at my feet and just laid his head across my calves and sighed heavily. He so sweeeeeet :).

I spy a sleepy munchkin. ❀

Wow… it’s 5:17 already. Blogging with one thumb on the WordPress App is not a speedy process lol.

I wish my copy of Wild was bedside and not in my purse all the way in the kitchen. Not so I can keep reading it, but so I can accurately quote one of the quotes Cheryl quotes. The quote that is way more poignant than the yolo hashtag. Quote and Poignant are apparentally two of my favorite words in the English language right now πŸ™‚

brb- I bet I can find the quote I’m looking for on Pinterest…

Ah- yes. Here it is. By Mary Oliver in A Summer Day:

Also, can we just LOL for a minute at my recent Pinterest search:

πŸ˜‚- I don’t know if this emoji will post but it’s the cry laughing face. #tooreal #poignant. #YOLO

You only live once, so stop wasting your energy on people and places and goals and careers and experiences that just bring you down.

You only live once, so make choices that will make you happy and proud of the person you are when you look back on your life. Marry that person you love. Adopt that kitty. Snag that last golden retriever puppy from the litter. Ride that horse. Run that race. Buy that house. Sell that house. Book that vacation. Send that “this may be a shot in the dark” email. Make up your mind. Then change it. Then change it again.

You only live once, so live it. Don’t make decisions, or be plagued with indecision, based on fear.

Be brave. Do the thing you know in your heart to be kind or fun or courageous. Have courage. You know what the right thing to do is, in your heart of hearts, so go do that thing. 

5:52 am.

We are out of coffee. 

Bed too cozy to buzz over to the corner market.

But, coffee.

But, who am I kidding. After typing out this post I am wide awake and fired up :).

Okay Becca- solid pep talk. Now get your ass out of bed and go get coffee and go on a run and shower and pack your backpack- you have an extra hour and a half since the flight is delayed. So use every minute of it.

πŸ™‚ ❀

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