Arizona Vacation Wrap Up

One trip, 4 blog posts? Yes, this trip was that dense in amazing, juicy, blog worthy moments. In case you missed them, you should definitely check out:

This post with beautiful photos taken on my solo hike in North Mountain Park.

This post about my first day in Phoenix (including some delicious homemade food and grapefruit juice squeezed from the backyard). 

This post photo documenting my biking excursion to Papago Park to enjoy running on the trails.

Heading home today. Good bye beautiful sunshine. Come to Oregon soon? Please??

Hmmm, let’s see… what haven’t I already covered?

I skipped what went down between my hike in North Mountain Park from 3-5ish on Friday to my bike/run at 10 am on Saturday. A few note worthy things happened in between.


Got to volunteer at the drag show at the One in Ten Youth Center. Well, the show itself was great, but more importantly I got to witness my best friend in action. Seriously one of the most amazing humans on this earth.

Love this cathartic profile shot. The back drop of the office wall decor. The 2010 census cup. The gages and the hair and the choker and the woman in the photograph. She is a change agent in every sense of the word and I admire and respect this human like no other. Thanks for inspiring me, woman. 

Among her many talents, Rachel can write. Definitely check out her old blog On the Hound, in which she documented meaningful moments in her multi-month greyhound bus pass adventure across the United States. Pretty epic.

Friday was also St. Patricks day, so after take down of the drag show the three of us went to a bar that was packed and had 2 live band sets while we were there. Me and my delicate flower ears couldn’t handle the decibals, so we mostly stayed in the quieter room.

I had Guinness, obviously. Yay, St. Patty’s day shenanigans :). We even fit in a game of pool.

We actually were home before Midnight because Rach had an early morning Derby practice.


After my run I made the garlic tahini kale salad with their backyard kale, with croutons made with the last of Rachel’s challah:

I remember sitting in the sun on their back patio and appreciating that this is what our adulthood friendship is like. 

I also had a moment of clarity when I was biking back to Celina and Rachel’s place, undoubtedly slightly delerious from the extreme heat and physical excursion. A moment in which I had a sharply resonant realization that the key to a happy life is making decisions every single day that bring you true, overflowing joy. A good life is just a compilation of good days, day after day after day.

And yesterday was a great day. After biking and running and salad eating we went to my first roller derby game ever. Westward Ho can skate and jam and block. SO MUCH FUN to watch you hammin it up out there. Definitely still the Princess of Humor. Gahhhhh I love you!

I’ll end this post by giving a serious shout out to Ho’s ho. I got to spend a lot of time with Celina, and this girl is so freaking rad. She is kind, silly, freaking intelligent, and so easy and fun to be around. I can definitely see why Rach is so crazy bout’cha. Literally could not think up a person who I’d rather see my best friend partnered with. Keep kicking Grad School’s butt and taking care of my girl.

P.S. how great is the sign I made?

P. P. S. I already miss the fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.

P. P. P. S. Can’t wait to squeeze and smooch my husband and get snuggles from the doggy.

Here’s to another good day. One, after another, after another.

πŸ™‚ ❀

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