Words of Wisdom

A Word on Loving Kindness.

I find it so very sad when I encounter someone who obviously has the loving-kindness spark missing from their persona. You know the kind of person I’m talking about. 

They radiate negativity. They do not find happiness in others’ happiness. They are not pleasant to be around.

I am very lucky in that probably 95% of the people I interact with do not fall anywhere in this category. But sometimes, by nature of cohabitating with other humans on this planet, you will have to interact with these people (unless you want to be a reclusive hermit in the woods, which often sounds lovely, but would get pretty lonely eventually).

I’m a fairly sensitive (read: excruciatingly sensitive) human. It can be hard for my heart to accept what my mind knows.

Which is that you can’t take these things personally. It really is not a reflection on you. It is a reflection on them. I know I am not stating anything profoundly new, but people like this clearly don’t think very highly of themselves.

So forgive them. Even if they don’t “deserve” your forgiveness. Because as badly as they may hurt you, think of how much they are hurting inside.

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