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{Weekend Recap #27} Dog Tired, March Madness, and My Minor Taper Temper Tantrum…

Happy Monday! This weekend was a whole lot of laziness. Even the dogs were feeling lazy (My 2 year old Barley on the left, his Golden Oldie Aunt Lily on the right). Lily girl, I FEEL YOU.

I went out for drinks with some friends after work on Friday. Six olives from my two dirty martinis hardly sufficed as dinner. Needless to say I was feeling toasty. Thankfully when we got home there was plenty of left over yummy food from my birthday party! Vegan sweet potato enchiladas and cilantro lime rice FTW.

I had left my17548765_10155188884589507_935885518_o car downtown in a 2 hour parking zone (never drink and drive!). This meant that I had to wake up and run the 6 miles to the car before 9 am. Amazingly, I was out the door with the dog by 7:45 am. This is a highly motivating, albeit risky get-your-booty-out-the-door-for-a-tempo-run-tactic. I wouldn’t do it if I still lived in a city where street parking violations are >$50, like they were in San Diego (Grrr, that 3rd Thursday of the month street cleaner got me so many times). But I’m willing to put $17 on the line. Luckily, we made it- no ticket! The proof is in the picture to the left. I cut myself out of the photo because I looked frightening. LOL. The birthday starbucks gift card from my mom came in handy. I got a venti coffee and a spinach feta wrap and it was perfect.

Later on Saturday we went out to hubby’s parents’ place to watch the Ducks vs Jayhawks. Well, they watched, I soaked in the hot tub and then napped. I started reading one of the books my older sis got me for my birthday – The Wild Feminine. It’s definitely a little woo-woo, but I like woo-woo. I’ll most likely review it on the blog once I finish it.

Sunday was more laziness. I did manage to go grocery shopping, so there is that. Pro tip: Have a beverage while grocery shopping. It will reduce your likelihood of crankiness and dehydration.
I should also mention that I had a mildly embarrassing temper tantrum before said grocery run. I was so tired Saturday night after my hot tub soak that I forgot my purse at my in laws’. Sheila was nice enough to come all the way into town and bring my purse, and had to see me in hysterics.

You see: My tote bag with literally all of my favorite running gear inside of it had been missing for days. I was going mad looking for it. My house is small enough that I had convinced myself it was stolen out of my car, even though I had a memory of bringing it inside.

I had been trying to keep my cool, and my poor husband being the gentle guy that he is kept saying things like “Don’t worry, it’ll show up. It’s bound to be here,” not noticing how upset and annoyed I was getting as he fiddled with his beer brewing gadgets.

Eventually I burst into tears and ran back into the bedroom. I felt idiotic, but I was very upset. not only was this stuff expensive, the sentimental value is priceless. In the bag was:

1. My Mizuno Wave Rider 19’s – $120. (My currently most-used pair of running shoes)
2. My Nike running shorts – easily $50-$75 (I don’t remember exactly how much they cost because I have had them for so many years because they are such high quality. I remember I ran my first Marathon, the 2014 Seattle Marathon in them)
3. My only usable pair of compression socks – $50 (my other pair was so worn they have holes in the big toe which I recently discovered will cause blood blisters if you wear them. Note to self: throw those out).
4. Nike Sports Bra – I got it at the outlets for like $25 but it is very high quality- easily retails for $50.
5. My Portland Marathon Finisher tech long-sleeve shirt (priceless)
6. My Perfect Jump Rope (Also priceless. I’ll link to my old Jump Rope routine here)

So yeah, the contents of the bag were easily over a $300 value, but I really can’t put a price on these items. As a runner, they are priceless to me. Long story short- Husband comes into the bedroom, where I am pathetically curled up still a little weepy, with the tote in tow. It was buried in Barley’s toy basket. HA. Go figure.

I’m two weeks away from the Vernonia Marathon, and I think this little story is the perfect representation of how tapering makes you crazy. Granted, I haven’t really been sticking to my training plan (at all), but I have just naturally tapered. Now it is about fine tuning and getting mentally prepared for the task at hand. And losing the running shoes you have trained in all cycle and have been visualizing wearing on race day is not good for your mental fortitude.

I’m not proud of my little outburst, but I understand why it happened. The taper really does make you crazy. Thankful for my loving family who throws me surprise birthday parties and doesn’t judge me too hard when I act like a crazy person.

13 days til 26.2 and counting. ❤

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