Oatmeal Mug Pep Talk

Can we chat really quickly over my mug of oatmeal? Because I’m trying really hard not to freak out.

Disclaimer. Don’t do as I say. Don’t do as I do.

Less than 48 Hours until I’m officially running. I can’t focus on anything, so rather than just not do anything other than freak out, I figured I might as well type out a post on how I am feeling.

Well, I did the good ol’ typing into the Google search bar “Successful Marathon Stories without Training” and half read a handful, clicking through rapidly with this frantic nervous energy bubbling just under the surface of my skin.

I know that is not me. I have trained. Just not as diligently as it seems most Marathoners train. WHAT. EVER.

Can we please just LET GO of the “Training Plan”. I mean, seriously. It’s not that complicated.

1. Build an endurance base.
2. Show up to the start line hydrated, energized, and injury-free.
3. BELIEVE in yourself.
4. Smile, laugh at the ludicrousness of it all, and enjoy the ride.
5. Finish and get your hands on a frothy pint, ASAP.


Maybe this is terrible advice. This is probably terrible advice. But typing it mademe smile and psyched me up. I’m READY. READY AS I’LL EVER BE. I GOT THIS.

So as I sit here eating my strawberries and cream flavored oatmeal, with a red delicious (the most meh type of apple, in my humble opinion) and heaping scoop of almond butter mixed in, I actually do feel calm.

Yes, I am dreaming of a PR. No, somehow I still don’t have my race day outfit worked out in my head. Yes. I have been obsessively checking the weather Report for the last 2 weeks.

Talk about mind games. Apparently thunderstorm on Saturday, only a slight chance of rain during the race, with definite rain later that day. It’s been forecasted this way for a week, but that is a narrow margin to play with. Do I wear my rain jacket? If I do, do I also wear my hydration vest so I can store it in the back pouch when it is not raining? If I have my hydration vest, I could carry my phone in case I whimp out and want music (even though headphones are discouraged)  and carry my Garmin without having to have it on my wrist which will inevitably cause me to obsessively check it. So many choicesssss.

No phone. No watch on wrist.

Still unsure about jacket and vest. ugh. I’m having trouble visualizing race day, which is problematic. I just need to commit.

Why do I do this to myself again?
Because I actually do enjoy it.

Yesterday I reread this post, “my running story”. It’s from November 2014, right before I ran my first full marathon. It is definitely the blog post I most frequently revisit and reread. It is a pep talk to myself really. It definitely helps put things in perspective and reminds me why I love this crazy sport.

Alright. I think I was holding off on ending this post because I was waiting for some epiphany to hit. But I think the epiphanies are holding out on me until race day. Dang those silly, glorious running epiphanies. Why must I run to receive them?

That’s all for now, folks.
🙂 ❤

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