Hi. It’s been a minute. A lot has been going on for me since my last post.

Friday the 14th was my last day at my old job. It was an emotional, long goodbye and hard decision to leave. But ultimately, in my heart of hearts, I know it was the right decision. Still hard. There were flowers and cards and homemade cupcakes and lots of hugging it out and the turning in of the keys and kissing my University staff card goodbye. 

This insta I posted on my last walk along Alder street to my car (I refused to buy a UO parking permit so I parked .5 miles from the office) pretty much sums up how I’m feeling:

Now is not the time to wilt into the underbrush of your insecurities. You have earned the right to grow. -Cheryl Strayed

It was a surreal walk. 

I’ve accepted an offer that I am incredibly excited about, which will begin on Monday (pinch me, it still doesn’t feel real). More on this in a future post, but trust, it’s a really good thing. πŸ™‚

So I’ve had a week off to just be a human. Crazy. How does one spend a week of no obligation?

Well: We house sat my in laws’ over the weekend. 


Made an omelet for breakfast.

Drank coffee on the couch and watched the first episode of the last season of Girls (I wish I had HBO!)

Then went to Saturday Market. Tangent: I’m considering going back to Dairy-Free… Or atleast maybe no more cheese. Butter doesn’t seem to upset my digestive system the way cheese does. But if I cut the cheese (LOL), I’ll miss things like goat cheese sampling at the Farmer’s market…

For lunch I had an amazing and super healthy/anti-inflammatory tumeric-carrot-ginger soup that I need to learn how to replicate.

Went back out to the house, watched another episode of girls, and took a two hour nap. (spoiler alert: I’ve slept a lot this week.)

For dinner I made us matzah pizzas with ingredients the pantry was stocked with and a side salad with greens and veggies we picked up at the farmers market. (Again with the cheese, oy.)


Breakfast was a matcha tea with almond milk, an apple, dried apple rings, and a small handful of walnuts. Yummy! (note to self: why isn’t this my breakfast like, errday).

I planned to run, but even seven days after the marathon I still really wasn’t feeling it. So I went on a bikeride instead. The hubby joined me for a portion of it :).

Lol, boat shoes and bball shorts #stylin. I really have no room to talk with my nerdy legging-in-ankle-sock get up.

After my bike ride (7-8 miles… things you know from many a run on those roads) I was hungry again (shocking, I know). Lunch was an epic Matzah Avo Toast. seriously amazzzzzingggg.

Downloaded Big Little Lies on Audible. Listened pretty much non stop Mon-Wed. Loved it, so entertaining.

Moved our sleighbed to the corner of the room (all by myself!) Something I’ve wanted to do forever.

Went to Wallgreens and bought $50 of cleaning supplies, including one bottle of peppermint and one bottle of lavender Dr. Bronner soap. Trying to use less chemicals. Scrubbed my lil heart out.

My reward was a serious splurge. I spent entirely too much money on satin sheets, new pillows, new sham, and cushions for the drawer at the foot of the bed.

Barley didn’t love being neglected all day, but approved of the room makeover. #farmhousetaupefeels


Finally went on a run with Barley. 2.5 miles at a 9:27 pace. This pace at the peak of my training would have felt entirely easy, but I won’t lie, it felt like effort. That’s okay though. I guess I’m still recovering.

My friend Sarah came over and trimmed my hair. Afterwards I did some yard work. 


Went to TJ Maxx. Almost bought some new work clothes but decided I didn’t feel like spending money. Went to the mall to the Mac store to see what it would cost to replace the exploded battery. Too much… lol. The blogging from phone saga continues (that’s alright. I weirdly kind of prefer it.)

We Finally found a new home for Cheryl-turned-Charlie our rooster. Me trying to capture him:

Lmao. Bye rooster. It’s been real (ly annoying). Thanks for protecting our flock. The girls already forgot (I mean miss) you.


Went to 9 Round, a 30 minute circuit boxing gym (9 exercise stations, 3 mins each, 2:30 sustainable intensity, :30 “punch it out”), with my mother in law for the first time. I have to admit, I reallllly liked it. Something about punching and kicking is so badass and empowering. If I do join the gym, I’ve already picked my boxing name :).

We got lunch together at a cute cafe after. 

Later I went to the brewery. It was fun to be able to do that at 3pm on a Thursday. πŸ™‚

Hung out with the guys and drank delicious hazy IPA. My husband has the coolest job. My new job will be like a mile from the brewery, so I’m hoping to take lots of lunch breaks there and can ensure my healthy homemade lunches I pack for husband actually get eaten ;). 

Went home and it was super sunny so I took Barley on a nice long walk. Power walking is so underrated. I was sweating by the end of it! 

Friday (today)

It’s currently 9 am and it is a glorious misty morning. I’m nursing a cup of coffee and cuddling the pup. I’m not obligated to do anything.

I could run out to see Misty (the horse). I could go to hot yoga. I could go back to 9 round. I could soft/hard boil all the eggs. I could (should) do more cleaning.

What to do? This week went by so fast. But honestly, I’m ready for the next chapter to begin.  Funemployment is fun, but kind of isolating feeling. I think I’m ready for routine again. Going out with my old coworkers, who now are just friends tonight. I’m anxious to hear how work has been without me. Every day that passes I feel a little more removed, but honestly Mon-Wed I couldn’t stop thinking about my old job and feeling anxious, hoping my absence wasn’t creating too much of a headache for my former colleagues. Gah. I really need to put it behind me. All will be just fine without me.

Tomorrow we are heading to Bend for the night… can’t wait to do some running on high desert trails :)))))

I hope this recap wasn’t totally boring. LIFE, MAN. Life. 

Excited for the next adventure to begin.

πŸ™‚ ❀ 

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