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These Days

These days I’m enjoying work.

Want proof of how much of a true word nerd I am? I dedicated half a cork board as just an alphabetized place to stick sticky notes with words or phrases that catch my attention as I work on reading and writing grants. I find that if I just write down the word and stick it up there I will be less distracted, otherwise I’m tempted to just fixate on that word. I am super weird you guys.

I had to consult my sisters for help choosing a Van Gogh print, but I think the office is coming together just swimmingly. Maybe I’ll do a whole post just for pics of my office in the future.

Can you guess which one I chose?

These days I’ve (finally) gotten my running mojo back.

I ran a half marathon on May 7th, after my Full Marathon on April 9th, and I was just like Forrest Gump. One day I was loving running, and all of the sudden I just wasn’t. So I stopped. But last week I picked back up. Yay! I think that as tempting as it is to sign up for races, I really need to not “race” for the rest of 2017. It’s time to just run because I love it and run for health. So now when I periodically log on to Runningintheusa.com site to day dream I will only look at races in 2018. I solemnly swear. NO MORE RACES. Side note: The running log journal which my mom Hanukkah-gifted me (you may recall from this post) has really been motivating in helping me return to running/consistent exercise. I keep it open on my fireplace mantle, so if I don’t get out for a run or bike ride or at least walk or vigorous cleaning chores, the blankness stares tauntingly at me.

These days I’ve been drawn back to my plant based ways.

I am self diagnosing (as we all love to do) general inflammation and probable adrenal fatigue. Who knows, maybe my thyroid is messed up too. Anyways, I’ve been ramping up the healthy fruits, roots, and greens, but I’ve been hesitant to completely eliminate dairy, grains and the occasional meat/fish sources (like, very occasional) because I’m fearful of becoming too dogmatic. But for all of June I am committing to cutting out all foods that are inflammatory to my body. I don’t think these foods are “bad”, I just know that my body isn’t responding well to them at the moment. And while I do feel like moderation is the way to go, I also feel like I just need to detoxxxxx. SO- June. No dairy (so long feta, you’ll be missed), no breads/pastas/tortillas (rice, potatoes, and oats are fine), no sugar (except fructose, obvy. Bring on the berries and bananas), no soy (wahhhhh I want tempeh but I’m wondering if “estrogen dominance” is at play with my inflammation so ta ta for now) and limiting animal protein to backyard eggs or salmon only if my body is craving them. Bring on all the healing foods.

Here’s a few snaps of some recent go-to foods:

I was allllllllllll about the oatmeal mugs with some fruit cut up in it & sprinkled with cinnamon, until I ran out of my oat canister. Must re-up my supply. Hummus and veggies, always and forever. Strawberries are so freaking cheap right now! Love it. Been going to that park a lot on my lunch break (pro tip: keep yoga mat in your car). Last and certainly not least, those thick homemade salt and vinegar chips were the absolute bomb. Barley was jealous.

These days I have been living out of a suitcase most weekends.
Bonus Post! 4 Keys to Happily Living Out of a Suitcase.

1. Pack/own a capsule wardrobe that makes you happy.
capsule wardrobe
Make sure to hang up your dresses (& don’t forget your exercise clothes and shoes)! I normally pack way more casual, but since I’m away during the work week, I snazzed it up a bit. Old Navy Jean Jacket and Striped J-Crew dress, $4.99 each (separate thrift stores, separate occasions). Black and white dotted dress and black belt from Fred Meyer (separate occasions, also don’t judge me for clothes shopping at Fred Meyers, I don’t do the mall). Coral cardigan like $19.99 from TJ Maxx forever ago, patterned dress was a gift from my stylish mother in law (also from TJ Maxx, I believe).

2. Bring a few options of reading material, always.
Bet you can’t guess which magazine+book combo is mine and which is his. 😉 Also, Lily makes for an adorable rug.

3. Make sure you love your suitcase.
Mine is old and boxy and used to belong to my grandparents. I absolutely love it. I’m thinking about finding a chain and some metal polish to string the darling little key to its lock to wear as a necklace.

4. Get outside at Dusk. Admire the beauty of wherever it is that you are.

Seriously though, I’ve had 3 of the last 11 weekends home with just me and my hubs and animals: Arizona, Home, Lincoln City, Portland, Dog Sat, Bend, Hosted, Portland, Home, Home, and I’m currently House Sitting through Saturday. On the (these days) rare occasion I am home without guests I try to accomplish house and yard work. I know I could do more of these kinds of chores on weeknights, but right now I am prioritizing exercise and cooking healthy meals after work, and these days it feels like there just are not enough hours in the day. I don’t know how people with full time jobs who are also parents do it. Kudos to you folks, seriously.

Traveling a lot is kind of stressful, I won’t lie (I fully admit that I am prone to stress and anxiety), but also it feels fairly adventurous.  I really don’t mean to come across as complaining, just tellin’ it how it is these days, ya dig? Change and uncertainty is something to try and cherish and embrace, I think, even though my instincts may crave some normalcy.

These days I’m trying to see the big picture.

There have been instances these past few months, little moments that stick out, when I just feel older. Like a jaded, happy, complicated, silly, true blue, bonafide woman.

Like when I was sitting alone at the upstairs bar of the Old Spaghetti Factory in Portland before Mother’s Day dinner with my mom and sisters. Drinking my go-to Boneyard IPA, dog tired from the drive up from Eugene, I felt as adult as the middle-aged gent in the suit who ordered an Old Fashioned and was quasi-chaperoning his daughter’s prom dinner party (who does that, BTW?). Not as old, but as adult. If that makes any sense at all. Hard to explain.

These days, in general, I’m thinking A LOT.

Maybe it’s the nature of my new job. I’m not really sure why. But my brain wheels are turning. Like old forgotten cogs coming back to life, cleared of cobwebs. It sort of feels similar to intensely studying an intriguing subject in college. But no pressure to ace the test or essay. Gah, it feels amazing.

I’m also learning how to memorize a deck of cards these days. I’d say another week or two and I’ll have it down. Husband informed me that memorizing a deck of cards is the same thing as counting cards… Oops? Guess it’s time to go back to Vegas! (JK, I hate Vegas. And gambling, TBH.)

🙂 ❤

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