Training Log · Weekend Recaps

Weekend Recap #29

So many things I could write about. Where to begin?

I guess we could begin on Friday. I had the day off because I worked a fundraiser event on Saturday. After a lazy morning of drinking too much coffee and tidying, I went to the post office and the grocery store and got only foods that sounded especially appealing. I think I’m getting better at listening to exactly what my body is craving.

I had a realization that I classified rice cakes as a “triggering diet food” when actually, they are just delicious. I really wanted avocado toast but bread sounded not so good on the tum tum. This brown rice cake was an excellent alternative.

Planned to go on a run, had my running clothes and shoes on and everything, but by the time I finished my brunch it was like 2:30 and I was meeting friends at 5. I thought I’d do some exercise at home. Barley thought otherwise…

So I decided to curl my hair instead. LOL. Using hot tools on hair is kind of an arm work out, right?

Friday night was super fun. My hubs was up in Portland for work and stayed at my sister’s, so naturally I convinced one of my best buds Brendan to have a slumber party. Husband texted me this picture left by my sis to her man:

LOL! We are so similar. I have a similar reminder note as a permanent fixture at our front door:

Saturday morning I roped Brendan into a bike ride around the neighborhood before breakfast. He agrees I should coin the term “Becca’s neighborhood bike tour” and forve my guests to exercise with me. There’s an easy 3.5-4 mile loop thats super flat and goes through farmland too, it’s perfect for a leisurely morning ride in fresh air.

After the ride I made Brendan egg tacos and an avo-egg version of rice cracker toast for me with the other avocado half. This time with strawberries!

Dill and salt sprinkled on top, naturally. Dill has been my obsession spice as of late. Hubby walked in the door as we finished our plates, so I made a fresh pot of coffee and more egg tacos for him :).

Backyard eggs, man.

After breakfast I took Barley on a toasty run. He cooled off in the shade of a tree after while I stretched. I ❤ outdoor workout stations.

Worked my event on Saturday and called it an early evening.

Sunday was Fathers Day. I went on a solo bike ride to a brewery 11ish miles round trip, a true nod to my dad as he loves biking and beeah (that’s New England speak for beer). There were lots of Dads getting celebrated, lol. I started to write a note to my dad but started getting all emotional (heat + IPA didn’t help), so I opted to leave a voicemail instead. This is as far as I got:

I thought about all the men in my life who have been a father figure to me, including my dad of course, and felt truly grateful.

Training log for the week:

Not great, but not terrible either.

Okay it’s Monday morning and I’m going to bike to work for the first time! Eek! Wish me luck!

🙂 ❤

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