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 Simple Kitchen Makeover

Hey! 12:05 am and wide awake. Typical Sunday night insomnia.

I’ve dreamed of a lavender kitchen for awhile. I know it may seem a little girly, but I find the color to be so serene, pleasant, and relaxing. I think it is such a peaceful color. Hubby gave me full reigns to pick a color, so I went for it.

Spent like 2 hours at the home improvement store by myself. We have a huge list of home repairs and I made a good dent in acquiring supplies needed for said repairs. $97 all together.

Side note: I’m becoming more willing to spend on these types of things. Cheers to home owning! Still frugal, but I really do enjoy adding a little design to our little home-base, and feel good about investing in making it a beautiful space to live :).

Me holding chains for our hammock, my massive to-buy list, and lots of paint swatches

Narrowed down to 4 Before deciding:

A little nail filler, painters tape, and good to go!

End result:

I did the same on one of the two cabinets on the opposite wall, leaving the doors on the other. I’m actually going to switch the contents tomorrow and put pantry items in the one with doors and our dishes and some glassware in the open one. The pantry items are too much of an eye sore, but if you’re curious what’s currently in stock:

Thoughts?? I’m like, stupid proud of this project. Lol…

Okay feeling a lil sleepy now, thank goodness.

🙂 ❤

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