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(Weekend Recap #30) – Dinner party, Family Time, and Garage Cleaning

Hi. 🙂 Ready for a quick weekend Recap?

Friday: “Dinner party” sounds weirdly formal, but we did have 3 friends come over to eat and drink, so I’m not sure what else you call that, lol.

I rushed home from work on Friday and managed to bake a garlic-dill challah and caramelized onion and apple quiche, with turkey and blue cheese. Definitely best quiche I’ve made thus far in life. I used this recipe for inspo, subbing ham with turkey and pear with apple, because that’s what I had. turned out so, so yummy!!! First time successfully caramelizing onions (who knew you added sugar and wine? lolz… things you learn on the rare occasion you read a recipe).

Side Note: When you have friends who appreciate good food and drink, it’s a beautiful thing. They brought cheese and olives and salami (and beer and flowers). So nice. Bomb dinner. Even bonfired after 🙂

This pic is from a different bonfire we had earlier this summer. I like having a portable fire situation, we dragged it out into the lawn instead of the side yard which was nice.

Saturday: Spent a lovely day out at hubby’s parents’. Collectively picked 4 lbs of raspberries & 2 lbs of bluebs (win), went on a 6 mile bike ride, submerged in the river, ate amazing cioppino, etc. Have I mentioned how much I love it out there?

Sunday: I pretty much spent the entire day working on organizing the garage, listening to podcasts and music while doing so. I’m so happy I did… Pretty sure it’s the most organized and clean it’s ever been! Even after my garage makeover I didn’t have it in me to tackle the storage shelves. But, alas! Today was the day! #proud

Hubby lost 21-19 in our ping pong match, so he had to set the coffee machine. Marriage tip: Make fun bets based off games often. The ping pong table was my 2-Year Anniversary gift to him, and it was such a priceless purchase!

Have a beautiful week, people.
🙂 ❤

2 thoughts on “(Weekend Recap #30) – Dinner party, Family Time, and Garage Cleaning

    1. So. Many. Berries!! The hubs ended up blending all of them and adding it to one of his saison beers he is currently brewing… sad to be berry-less but know it will be super tasty summer sipping in a few weeks!!

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