Backwards Running Fartlek (that’s actually fun)

Hey! I was on a run on my neighborhood loop last Saturday and sort of made up a backwards running fartlek game on accident, and thought I’d share. I think fartlek means speed play in some language…

Basically you run backwards on a road with very light traffic. Run until you see a car coming your direction, then turn around and run forward until it passes. And repeat for as long as you wish!

The background photo in the graphic above was actually from a run last Sunday, when my sis was with me on a bikeride on a logging road with no traffic, but you can really play this game anywhere, switching between song chorus and refrain or just picking a tree or flower or telephone pole.

Just as long as the road is flat and straight and doesn’t get a ton of traffic :).

This post may be sort of a “duh” but I felt clever in the moment and had fun, so there’s that.

🙂 ❤

2 thoughts on “Backwards Running Fartlek (that’s actually fun)

  1. Is there some benefit to backward running? I mean, something so valuabke fitness-wise that it would make me chance tripping and falling and cracking my head on the cement? I’m very uncoordinated. 😉

    1. Haha! I mean, I have heard it’s good for strengthening opposing muscle groups to forward running, which seems logical to me! 🙂 I mostly like the added benefit of mixing things up and avoiding boredom at all costs (I’m not above power skipping, leaping, or prancing mid run, but I mostly run in places that don’t have a ton of humans around. lol)

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