Volume 2 of My Favorite Podcasts

Hi there! It’s been awhile since my last post about favorite podcasts (which you can read here), so I thought it would be an excellent time for an update. I swear I somehow managed to get less computer savvy than I once was, because I can’t for the life of me remember how to leave a review in iTunes. Once I figure it out, I’ll make sure to do that, since it helps the podcasters out. Nonetheless, I figure I should still spread the word to my readers.

Without further ado, here is Version 2.0 of my favorite podcasts:

Let it Out:
Katie Dalebout, the host of the podcast, has long conversations with people she finds interesting. I like that she considers herself an “enthusiast and curator of people and ideas you need to hear” (that’s from the cute little jingle that plays at the intro). Katie comes through the sound waves as kind and relatable. I appreciate that she seems to really take her time researching and preparing for episodes before she has a guest on. I feel like her guests are consistently commenting that they are “so glad she asked that”. To me, that is a sign that Katie is a wonderful interviewer, and has insightful perspectives and a strong intellectual curiosity. Also, just to reiterate, Katie just seems like a genuinely sweet person. Let It Out is a refreshing and relaxing listen.

Food Psych:
Description: Christy Harrison is a Registered Dietitian-Intuitive Eating Counselor-Food Writer-Journalist-Podcaster. This podcast is all about health at every size, body acceptance, eating disorder recovery, and body positivity as a social justice movement.

What I Love About It: I really love the majority of the guests and their perspectives on these issues. Christy clearly makes an effort to incorporate diversity as it relates to body image. This podcast more than anything has expanded my perspective on weight-inclusive wellness. It has caused me to check my own internalized weight stigmas and assumptions in a profound way. With every episode I listen to, I become more convinced that our fat-phobic society is oppressive bull shit, especially towards women, and we should all probably get angrier than we are about it.

KEXP Presents Music That Matters:
Description: I solely listen to this Seattle-based music podcast for the Runcast! HOURS OF NEW, FRESH RUNNING JAMS. As someone who has been listening to the same songs and playlists over and over and over for like, decades, this had been so invaluable. They just releases Runcast Volume 8 and I cannot wait to listen!!!

That’s So Retrograde:
These girls are just friggen hilarious and make all things wellness funny and fun. I mean, I make all the fun of myself for being such a self-help junkie, and these girls do the same. Also, Stephanie’s raspy voice/laugh is perhaps the best thing ever. Not much more to say, other than this is such a fun listen.

The Lively Show:
Jess Lively is currently on her own eat-pray-love awakening travel adventure. I’ve been loving her podcast since well before that. I love that she is doing a deep dive into what she calls “quantum-living”. As someone who read Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now and watched What the Bleep Do We Know? In high school, it’s fun to hear her talk about these concepts as she discovers them on her digital nomad-travel-spirit quest. Basically, it’s a nice weekly reminder to keep in mind all things law of attraction and to listen to my intuition, when it can be so easy to get bogged down by the realities of daily living, especially given the nature of my job as a grant writer. I spend a lot of my day writing and reading about some heavy stuff, and it’s podcasts like this that help lift me up.

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