Words of Wisdom

Basket Weaver

Basket weaver

Stop weaving

Day dreamer

Stop building sand castles


Be kind to yourself


Seeking forgiveness

For just being

You are allowed

To be who you are

More than allowed

You are cherished and wanted

So stop

Feeling ashamed


Feeling belonging

You belong here.

Stop apologizing

Stop seeking forgiveness

You aren’t wrong

For being who you are

For needing what you need

For feeling what you feel

For seeking peace within yourself

Is no easy thing.

We are water.

Turbulent, bubbling, boiling

Calm, serene, flowing

Rippled here and there

Forming waves that spill over

Crashing at the crest of your tearducts

Spilling softly, hot streams

Down your cheeks

Pooling at the nape of your neck

You’re beautiful.

Let them dry in their own time.

Then lift your chin.



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