Ten Things, Volume 2 (#10 is a doozy!)

You can view Ten Things, Volume 1 here.

1. Blended Watermelon.

Does anything taste more summery? I don’t think so.

2. Contributing to the community.

Just call me Lorelai Gilmore. 😉

3. Listening to classics.

4.  Front yard chillaxing with friends.

5. Obsessively organizing garage gear.

6. Bringing popcorn to work.

7. Taking my sweet, sweet time reading this book over yummy lunch dates with me, myself, and I.

8. Pre-sunrise, pre-exercise coffee and doggy couch cuddles.

9. My desk reminder (from our honeymoon in Alaska) that life is a sweet, exciting, fun adventure.

10. Day dreaming about/planning our January trip to Munich, Bruges, & Paris ❤ (!!!)

Pinch me? Is this really happening? Yes. Yes it is.

🙂 ❤

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