Golden Retrievers · Weekend Recaps

Trail Running around Alsea and Green Peak Falls

Went to bed early on Friday, and slept in on Saturday. it was glorious. GPS watch finished charging around 10:45, so I got my lazy, coffee sippin’ self out of bed.

Had the most beautiful time trail running in the Alsea Falls area, just 45 mins from home.

Wrong way, dude!

Better. This was taken about 2 minutes before I full on tripped to a horizontal position, and 5 or so minutes after I badly rolled my ankle. Clutzy people probably should love a different sport, but the heart wants what it wants!

Dog carries his own water.

Green Peak Falls. Gorgeous.

Barley agrees.

Our best try at a sweaty selfie. Not so coordinated.

Alsea Falls. Swoon.

Even found another heart shaped rock to add to my collection 🙂

Swollen ankle, but not nearly as bad as it could have been. So grateful it wasn’t worse.

Sweet sympathy snuggles. He’s the best.


Lazy Sunday recovery.

As much as I love exploring, I seriously love just being at home. Did some ankle mobility exercises and drank lots of fluids. I don’t want to baby it too much.
He’s pretty wiped from our Saturday adventure too.
He’s so freaking cute. I can’t even…

We took a Sunday drive around the neighborhood and hit up a few garage sales. I scored a Soda Stream for 10 bucks (unlimited bubble water! I’m going to save so much $!) and a US History book for a dollar. Also went to the farm and bought 2 heads of lettuce, 2 giant English cucumbers, and one bunch of scallions. And we picked like 2 lbs of blackberries from our pesky front yard bramble. So yummy with whipped cream omg. Win, win, win.

Here’s to another week. I love the weekends so, so much. Life, this country, this world is crazy. I feel like there’s the world outside my home’s front door, the world within my house walls, and the world within my own mind, body, and soul. Still learning the balance of existing within these three realms simultaneously. It’s a practice.

🙂 ❤

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