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Alert! 10% Discount on Super Cute, Most Functional Sports Bra Ever by Senita Athletic! (Rave Review)

Hi there 🙂 It’s been awhile since I’ve done a product review on the blog, but I am so happy to spread the word about my new favorite work out apparel company, Senita Athletics!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Senita Athletics. As always, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

I believe I first saw the Sarah Sports Bra on Pinterest on a “Picked for you” pin, since I pin a lot on my Marathon Motivation board (which you can view here).

When I saw the phone pocket in the back, I instantly knew I had to have it. I have a sports bra with a pocket on the front, but honestly cell phone right on the boobs, even in airplane mode? No thanks. Plus boxy lookin’ boobs? Double no thanks.

Over the years I’ve tried it all with phone carriers for running. The annoying plastic/Velcro arm band that goes around your bicep. The tube-sock-turned-arm-sleeve DIY business. Jacket pockets, pants pockets, etc etc.

Honestly, nothing has worked better for me than the Sarah Sports Bra. It is just so freaking logical, it’s the perfect place to put your phone if you’re using headphones.

I ordered it in California Poppies (fave, love) and Bahamas (a bit flashy for my taste, but I own so many plain-Jane sports bras it felt just wrong to order a solid color. It’s also super cute).  I’ve used them on at least a dozen runs.

I had a tiny bit of doubt about the quality of a sports bra at a $26 price point, but it is really high quality, super supportive, made of comfy, moisture-wicking material, and flattering, too.

I watched this 2 minute vid about Senita Athletics and was hooked. A brand created by two real women-sister-athletes who cut out the middle man too keep costs down yet remain high quality. Now that’s a brand I can get behind.


I also love the material and open back of the Freedom Tank in Sage, and that the Holly Tights go well over the calves (short capris are a personal pet peeve).

The Freedom Tank and Holly Tights are cute enough to wear just as casual clothes. Like for doing work around the house and yard, or in my case backyard chicken wrangling.


So, what are you waiting for? 🙂 use code rebeccaradish at checkout for 10% your already super affordable order. Let me know if you order/what you think of your purchase! (While this post is sponsored by Senita Athletic, I do not have any affiliate links; I just genuinely am a fan!)
P.S. Delivery is seriously so speedy, another plus if you are impatient like me!
🙂 ❤


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