Ten Things, Volume 3

You can view Volume 1 and Volume 2 here and here, if you’d like.
1. Running around the .3ish mile perimeter of this undeveloped neighborhood park behind the middle school. 

There’s kind of a single track, kind of… I’ve only ever seen one person walking on it. It’s a shame hardly anyone uses the space, but I also kind of love that it feels pretty untouched. It only gets mowed twice a year.   I’ve been making the transition from road running to trail running, so this is kind of perfect for getting easy miles on non-technical terrain. And there’s always the track right there if I want to switch it up.

There is a piece of me that wonders if there is a cross country team at the middle school that might need an assistant coach. I was on a run with my friend who I used to assistant coach Girls on the Run with, and we were talking about how we missed working with kids. It’s so true, I do miss that. But I’m just… spread a little thin right now. Trying to honor that.


2. My newish “training” regimen.

Remember in an older post when I mentioned no more racing for the rest of 2017? Well, it’s been hard to stick to. I keep eyeing trail marathons and 50ks (lol, wtf is wrong with me…) and it is so so tempting to just sign up for a slew of halves. But I have stayed pretty true to my word. I’m going to volunteer at a trail half marathon around Silver Falls in November (which also will get me a free entry at a future race, which is super awesome, and there is a practice run in October that I might as well go to!!). I do have a lil community 5k coming up next weekend and an awesome 10k with my sis, 4 miles of which take place on the very long bridge at the mouth of the Columbia River (stoked) .

But since I don’t have any long distance races on the books, I have actually found myself running more consistently throughout the week. Once I’m on a training plan, I don’t want to do the planned runs lol. I like to run because it makes me feel free, and training plans just feel so… constrictive.

I’ve made my own sort of running streak. Basically, I’m not allowed to have more than 2 rest days in a row. This is just enough structure to keep me running consistently, I’m really loving it! We’ll see how long I can keep up this streak. 🙂

Update: streak broken due to air quality (womp womp). Will resume ASAP. Going on day 3 of no run, and I’m going insane… at least we did a fair amount of walking and steps at the game on Saturday :).
3. Oatmeal mugs for breakfast, veggies for lunch, whatever for dinner has been my week day routine as of late (nothing too different here). And snacking on berries, nuts, and raisins too :).

I’m so glad I scored that $10 soda stream at a garage sale. All the bubble water I care for :). 

4. Keeping basically a gym in my trunk.

I posted 20 ways to combat stress a few weeks ago (you can find that post here), and lots of those tips involved exercise. For real,  it’s truly the only thing that is 100% guaranteed to help calm my stress and anxiety.

5. This funny and lovely air freshener slash aroma therapy. It’s lasted so long!

I like to spray it whenever I notice myself acting *ahem* irritated. It makes me laugh at myself, which instantly improves my mood. And it smells really good. Win-win.


6. Jumping on my mini trampoline. Gotta get your kicks where you can these days, #AmIRight?


IDK why but when I look at this pic all I can think of is the cheesy lyrics “fly like an eagle, into the futureeeeee.” (Okay wow, such a dork. lol).


7. Mid-Run Buff-Sponge River-Baths to cool down body temp, mitigating the sweltering heat.

Thanks for the buff, sissy! Perfect birthday present that I didn’t even realize I needed but have been getting so much good use out of! 

8. Speaking of sweltering heat… Cuddling dogs to calm anxiety about wildfires and hurricanes and global warming and DACA and impending nuclear war and…


Also, just working in the kitchen is great stress relief. Especially when it’s my mother in law’s kitchen. She has the best kitchen :).

I don’t think Barley wouldn’t make a very good rescue dog, unfortunately…

9. Coffee. Always coffee.

Thank you grandparents for introducing me to this cartoon.

10. Dreaming and planning and booking more and more of our trip to Europe this January.

From our Alaskan honeymoon. The last real adventurous trip we’ve taken. Gahhhh this picture encapsulates a trillion words about how excited I feel about exploring with him :). It’s like over 4 months away and I made a packing list… lol. Also obsessively pinning tips for Europe on a budget, of course. And practicing for Europe at dinner while the balsamic veggies I’m meal prepping for thurs/fri  work lunch roast in the oven. Veggie board and homebrew, mmm.

🙂 ❤ 

3 thoughts on “Ten Things, Volume 3

  1. Which countries are you going to visit in Europe? In case you will travel to my country, I could recommend you something if you like 🙂 Ivana (Prague, Czech republic)

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