Hey! I’m Becca. Thanks for stopping by my blog as you peruse the web. Since you’re here, allow me to introduce myself…

By day, I’m a grant writer for a local non-profit that provides essential services to at-risk youth. I find writing for this cause deeply fulfilling. I also write for Travel Oregon, and you can find those stories here. I talk about what writing means to me in this post. This blog is sort of a writing outlet that quenches my creative thirst.

I like to run. No really, I actually enjoy it!
You can read “My Running Story” here, although a lot has changed since I wrote that post back in 2014. I’ve recently been making the transition from road running to trail running, and it has reignited my passion for the sport. Trail running is the best!

Sometimes running and I have a love-dread relationship, but mostly love. In April 2017 I ran my 4th full marathon, which I briefly recapped here. More on all things running here.

I love to cook!
I am not at all as strict as I once was on the food front, but do genuinely enjoy eating and preparing healthy food.  If I’m craving something not-so-healthy I tend to think there is probably some nutritional/hormonal basis for these cravings and just try to honor and listen to my body. Treat it more like a temple and less like a garbage can, ya know? All things food here.

AND: I feel frustrated with the Standard American Diet. To me, it is a pretty simple equation: Take the falsities perpetuated by the meat and dairy industry, combine that with the impossible and distorted standards of beauty in the media, add confusing mixed signals about what is and what isn’t healthy, subtract teachings of nutrition and how to grow food and connect to the land from our formal education institutions, and what does that all equal? Sickness, confusion, lack of self-esteem, and a complete disconnect from our bodies and souls. (Whoops, sorry! That turned into a rant real quick there.)

I’m a bookish nerd at heart.
More on that here.

I like to draw and take notes and always be learning something new. 



I am a spiritual, cultural, questioning, proud Jew.
I sometimes feel compelled to write posts on topics inspired by my Judaism, like this controversial post. I always feel compelled to use lots and lots of Yiddish :). Oy to the Vey.

I met my soulmate in college and we “married young” at age 24. 🙂
Wedding tips here.

Barley is our Golden Retriever. I am obsessed with my boys (husband & pup).



We try our best to be weekend warriors and go on lots of adventurous road trips :). It’s kind of what I live for. We happen to live in PNWonderland, where beautiful scenery and bomb coffee is abundant. You can follow my weekend shenanigans here.

As of May 2015 we are home owners! (Pinch me!)
We live in Eugene, Oregon. 
Well, technically we live in unincorporated Lane County.

I like to describe “County living” as not quite country (more convenient), not quite suburbia (too… country), definitely not city (read: everyone has dogs, country roads to run on, and small farms and farm stands to buy local food at). Basically, County living rocks. 🙂
One of said farm stands. Again, swoon.

The women of the house include myself, Trixie (my precious kitty sidekick since before I met husband), and our 4 Backyard Chickens. From the top of the Pecking order: Kevin, Matilda, Ursula, and Esther – (RIP Juanita, Penny, Dixie, and Biscuit.)


“Guilty” pleasures (that I don’t actually feel guilty about): Personality Analysis (INFP; Enneagram 4Wing3; middle child, etc. etc.), popcorn, Good N’ Plenties, hot chocolate, cheap red wine, all things Self Development, musicals.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog! I know I enjoy writing it.

🙂 ❤