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 Simple Kitchen Makeover

Hey! 12:05 am and wide awake. Typical Sunday night insomnia. I’ve dreamed of a lavender kitchen for awhile. I know it may seem a little girly, but I find the color to be so serene, pleasant, and relaxing. I think it is such a peaceful color. Hubby gave me full reigns to pick a color,… Continue reading  Simple Kitchen Makeover

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Morning Rampage of Appreciation

1. I’m grateful that the joy of running has returned to me. Photo taken on Saturday’s run. 2. I’m grateful for all the amazing content I’m consuming via Podcast. Screenshot of a few faves. 3. I’m grateful for affordable, healthy, delicious food. Photos taken on Sunday’s major grocery haul. Meal prepped a bunch after shopping. … Continue reading Morning Rampage of Appreciation

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Weekend Recap #17: $30 Garage Makeover

You guys! I finally “finished” my garage makeover. It honestly needs more work, but I feel like  it’s a place I want to spend time in and really does feel like a little home gym. $15 on paint; $15 on 3 $5 wall mirrors. That is it! I want it to be a space where… Continue reading Weekend Recap #17: $30 Garage Makeover

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Once Upon a Time Our Tree Fell.

You know how when a storm hits and you watch the news and you see all those unfortunate pictures and think, man, that sucks… Glad I don’t have to deal with that! Well, apparently it is our turn. Now that I’m halfway through my hot chocolate spiked with cinnamon schnapps I feel like I can tell… Continue reading Once Upon a Time Our Tree Fell.

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Home Tour #1: Front Yard and Living Room

Hi there :). I have been totally procrastinating on posting this. I have had a blurb on my about me page saying “Home Tour coming soon!” for like 8 months, so now feels like as good a time as ever. It is too daunting to post the whole tour at once. I will seriously never get to… Continue reading Home Tour #1: Front Yard and Living Room

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My Meditation Space and Book Review: Running with the Mind of Meditation

It took me about a week to listen to this 5-hourish book on Audible. I am always hesitant to use a book credit on a shorter read, but I am very glad I did with this one. I have experience with yoga, and I have definitely experienced the Zen-euphoria that can accompany a long distance… Continue reading My Meditation Space and Book Review: Running with the Mind of Meditation

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Races and puppies and houses, oh my!

I feel like someone pressed the fast forward button on my life on March 23rd, my 25th birthday. So much has happened since then! Since then, the following has occured:  We got a puppy! His name is Barley, he is a golden retriever, and he is amazingggggg. And a handful! I am so happy. I am… Continue reading Races and puppies and houses, oh my!