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Last Night at the Park

Yesterday was the first evening of fall that was cool enough to opt for a tech long sleeve for the run. The breeze and small speckling of yellow and orangey-brown leaves making their first appearance of the season had me feeling giddy and grateful as I walked across the street to my neighborhood park. There… Continue reading Last Night at the Park

Words of Wisdom

Basket Weaver

Basket weaver Stop weaving Day dreamer Stop building sand castles Friend Be kind to yourself Stop Seeking forgiveness For just being You are allowed To be who you are More than allowed You are cherished and wanted So stop Feeling ashamed Start Feeling belonging You belong here. Stop apologizing Stop seeking forgiveness You aren’t wrong… Continue reading Basket Weaver

Words of Wisdom

Let’s Talk About Stress, Baby

It’s 11:29 pm on Wednesday, as I sit here, typing into my phone notepad. And I’m stressed. It feels just wrong to be stressed in summer, but hey. It happens to the best of us. I think what’s happening is an anxiety-induced shame spiral. Anxiety which was brought on by “healthy”, normal stresses. The thing… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Stress, Baby

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An Ode to My Schwinn

Que the Queen “I want to break free” song. Once upon a time, I was a fearless, independent young woman in college. I didn’t have a car, and I didn’t need one. I had my bike… An old, 70’s Schwinn Speedster. Coaster break. Original saddle seat and handle bars that, if memory serves, had green… Continue reading An Ode to My Schwinn

Words of Wisdom

A Word on Loving Kindness.

I find it so very sad when I encounter someone who obviously has the loving-kindness spark missing from their persona. You know the kind of person I’m talking about.  They radiate negativity. They do not find happiness in others’ happiness. They are not pleasant to be around. I am very lucky in that probably 95%… Continue reading A Word on Loving Kindness.