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An Ode to My Schwinn

Que the Queen “I want to break free” song. Once upon a time, I was a fearless, independent young woman in college. I didn’t have a car, and I didn’t need one. I had my bike… An old, 70’s Schwinn Speedster. Coaster break. Original saddle seat and handle bars that, if memory serves, had green… Continue reading An Ode to My Schwinn

Words of Wisdom

A Word on Loving Kindness.

I find it so very sad when I encounter someone who obviously has the loving-kindness spark missing from their persona. You know the kind of person I’m talking about.  They radiate negativity. They do not find happiness in others’ happiness. They are not pleasant to be around. I am very lucky in that probably 95%… Continue reading A Word on Loving Kindness.

Words of Wisdom

Confessions of a Commuter’s Wife

❤ Hi there! TGIF. Like, SERIOUSLY! Blogging to you on my lunch break at one of my favorite local cafes. I took this picture last night and wrote down the following thoughts in the notes section of my phone. Allow me to share 🙂 It’s hard when your husband travels around the state, working lots… Continue reading Confessions of a Commuter’s Wife

Words of Wisdom

The Story of My Yesterday

You can’t make this stuff up. I’m really not one to join a yoga studio. Been there, done that. But last night I was lying in bed being an insomniac. And I had this clear thought. I had already weirdly made my decision. I was going to the “Core 26” hot yoga class at the… Continue reading The Story of My Yesterday

Words of Wisdom

Bedtime Story

Hi there. Insomnia has me awake, so let me tell you a little bed time story. If you have been reading my blog for awhile, or even if it is your first time stumbling upon it, you may have wondered “What’s with the name Rebecca Radish?” Well, here’s the thing. Radishes aren’t like my favorite food (don’t… Continue reading Bedtime Story