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Basket Weaver

Basket weaver Stop weaving Day dreamer Stop building sand castles Friend Be kind to yourself Stop Seeking forgiveness For just being You are allowed To be who you are More than allowed You are cherished and wanted So stop Feeling ashamed Start Feeling belonging You belong here. Stop apologizing Stop seeking forgiveness You aren’t wrong… Continue reading Basket Weaver


Volume 2 of My Favorite Podcasts

Hi there! It’s been awhile since my last post about favorite podcasts (which you can read here), so I thought it would be an excellent time for an update. I swear I somehow managed to get less computer savvy than I once was, because I can’t for the life of me remember how to leave… Continue reading Volume 2 of My Favorite Podcasts

Words of Wisdom

Let’s Talk About Stress, Baby

It’s 11:29 pm on Wednesday, as I sit here, typing into my phone notepad. And I’m stressed. It feels just wrong to be stressed in summer, but hey. It happens to the best of us. I think what’s happening is an anxiety-induced shame spiral. Anxiety which was brought on by “healthy”, normal stresses. The thing… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Stress, Baby

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{Book Review} Like a Fly on the Wall by Simone Kelly

Hey there! This is my first book review on the TLC Book Tour in what feels like ages. This is mainly because I have a solid to-read wish list going, and limited time for pleasure reading. I decided to read and review Like a Fly on the Wall because the premise intrigued me. Clairvoyant main… Continue reading {Book Review} Like a Fly on the Wall by Simone Kelly


Backwards Running Fartlek (that’s actually fun)

Hey! I was on a run on my neighborhood loop last Saturday and sort of made up a backwards running fartlek game on accident, and thought I’d share. I think fartlek means speed play in some language… Basically you run backwards on a road with very light traffic. Run until you see a car coming… Continue reading Backwards Running Fartlek (that’s actually fun)

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Random Running Memories in Tiberias and Jerusalem and Tsevat

Hi there 🙂 Please excuse the typos (as always), I’m typing this on my phone notepad (as usual) which does not have autocorrect. Apparently I was pretttty tired yesterday because I fell asleep on the couch directly after our dinner at 6 pm (thanks for the yummy stirfry, and for cleaning it up, and especially… Continue reading Random Running Memories in Tiberias and Jerusalem and Tsevat

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(Weekend Recap #31) Sister Time

pictures worth a thousand words. Friday Painted the laundry cabinet and packed while listening mostly to The Handmaid’s Tale Saturday Took Barley on a run, sis arrived, went on a bikeride, took her to Hop Valley and Beer Garden (she wanted to see some of my fave Eugene spots), went out to the in laws,… Continue reading (Weekend Recap #31) Sister Time