Oatmeal Mug Pep Talk

Can we chat really quickly over my mug of oatmeal? Because I’m trying really hard not to freak out. Disclaimer. Don’t do as I say. Don’t do as I do. Less than 48 Hours until I’m officially running. I can’t focus on anything, so rather than just not do anything other than freak out, I… Continue reading Oatmeal Mug Pep Talk

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{Book Review} Head Strong by Dave Asprey

I have to admit – I was on the fence about giving this book a read. Lately I have been much more skeptical about reading any sort of diet book. Listening to the podcast Food Psych has been very eye opening to me (Go check it out! SERIOUSLY.). But I was definitely curious to read his… Continue reading {Book Review} Head Strong by Dave Asprey

Weekend Recaps

{Weekend Recap #28} Lincoln City Getaway :)

Hi there! 7 days away from marathon (eek!) and this relaxing getaway was exactly what the Doctor would have ordered. Friday Left town around 2. My boys (swoon). We got to Degarde around 4:30. It’s husband’s all-time fave Oregon brewery, so it was a special treat for him.  Even though Tillamook is an extra 45… Continue reading {Weekend Recap #28} Lincoln City Getaway 🙂

Golden Retrievers · Weekend Recaps

{Weekend Recap #27} Dog Tired, March Madness, and My Minor Taper Temper Tantrum…

Happy Monday! This weekend was a whole lot of laziness. Even the dogs were feeling lazy (My 2 year old Barley on the left, his Golden Oldie Aunt Lily on the right). Lily girl, I FEEL YOU. I went out for drinks with some friends after work on Friday. Six olives from my two dirty… Continue reading {Weekend Recap #27} Dog Tired, March Madness, and My Minor Taper Temper Tantrum…

Words of Wisdom

A Word on Loving Kindness.

I find it so very sad when I encounter someone who obviously has the loving-kindness spark missing from their persona. You know the kind of person I’m talking about.  They radiate negativity. They do not find happiness in others’ happiness. They are not pleasant to be around. I am very lucky in that probably 95%… Continue reading A Word on Loving Kindness.