Weekly Training Logs

You can scroll through my weekly training logs here.

I ran the Vernonia Marathon on April 9th, 2017. It was my 4th 26.2 miler, and I sorta, kinda followed the Hansons Marathon Method (HMM) Beginner’s training program.

I have never been able to stick with a full training plan (womp, womp). If you want more background on how I got to choosing HMM and all that jazz, I will link to some past posts here that shed light on that whole journey:

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I solemnly swear (that I’m up to no good, &) that I am going to try my absolute hardest to stick to the plan. That’s all I can do; give it my best effort. My best looks different every day. But I am going to try to use these weekly training recaps as motivation/accountability to stick with the plan! It’s basically a social science experiment on myself :). And I figure that it will actually be very interesting to look back on! For me, and hopefully for you!

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