Race Recaps

The majority of the races I run right now are driving distance, I like to keep it local. Maybe in the future I will do more race-cations, but staying local is a good way to keep to a budget. Thankfully, Oregon is basically racing mecca.

I really don’t know why I am so bad about writing recaps after races. I guess I am in the habit of just letting a race come and go and move onto the next, rather than taking time to reflect. I definitely want to become be more mindful, curious, analytical, and insightful about the experience, post-race. I feel like I am almost robbing myself of the experience in skipping the reflection stage, if that makes any sense.

Any-who, I don’t really feel like going back in time to recap each of these races, but I touch on a few of them in my running story. But, if you, dear reader, happen to be signed up for one of these races and would like to know more about that particular race, please leave a comment or message me and I would be more than happy to answer!


Marathon (26.2 miles):
Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon 2014
Portland Marathon 2015
Rock n’ Roll Las Vegas – Marathon – 2016
Vernonia Marathon 2017

Half Marathon (13.1 miles):
San Diego Safari Park 2013
San Diego Safari Park 2014
Eugene Half 2014
Run in the Country 2015
Florence Half Marathon – 9/25/16
Columbia Gorge Half 2016
Eugene Half 2017

10k (6.2 miles):
Aquafina Butte to Butte 2012
Aquafina Butte to Butte 2016

5k (3.1 miles):
Eugene Marathon 5k 2011
Run to cure Parkinson’s 5k 2014
Eugene Race for the Cure 2014
Run to Stay Warm 5k 2015
Lucky Clover 2016
Tesla Family Fun Run 2016
Walterville Waddle 2016
EWEB Run to Stay Warm 2016

Other Distances:
Golden Gate Turkey Trot (4 miles)